The refund rate of selling sex underwear

The status quo of the sex underwear market

In recent years, sexy underwear has become a hot topic in women’s fashion, and major brands have also begun to participate.According to the survey, the sales of the sex underwear market have increased year by year.However, there is also a common problem in this market -high refund rate.

What is the high refund rate?

The refund rate refers to the ratio of the total number of refunds occurred in a certain period of time to the total number of sales.If the refund ratio is too high, it means that the merchant’s product quality or service has problems.And the refund rate of sex underwear is generally high. Why is this?

Factors affecting the refund rate

Sexy underwear is a kind of private product that cannot be returned after trial, which increases the difficulty of returning goods.In addition, because sexy underwear needs to fit the body, the choice of size is very important.If consumers choose improperly, the return rate will inevitably increase.

Size in sex underwear

In order to reduce the increase in the return rate caused by improper selection of size, merchants should provide more accurate size measurement methods, and can provide online customer service to help customers solve the size problem.At the same time, merchants can also consider providing more full -size products to meet consumer needs of various types of figures.

Quality problem of sexy underwear

Another factors affecting the return rate of sexy underwear are quality issues.Because this product needs to be directly contacted with the body, once there are flaws, it may cause skin allergies and other problems.Therefore, merchants should strengthen the quality control of the product and ensure that the product has passed relevant quality certification to provide high -quality products to consumers.

Pictures and descriptions of sexy underwear

Consumers will make purchase decisions based on the pictures and descriptions of the products.If the difference between the picture and the description and the actual product will cause consumers to return and exchange.Therefore, merchants should provide real and objective pictures and descriptions, and provide customers with more details after purchasing to allow customers to better understand the goods.

Consumers’ attitude of buying sexy underwear

Because sexy underwear is a relatively private product, consumers are inferior and hesitant when they buy.Some consumers may think that they are not suitable for wearing such products after receiving the product, or they think they have purchased themselves that they are not suitable for themselves.Merchants should let customers fully understand the products and provide relevant dressing suggestions and style selection suggestions to reduce this problem.

Sex of sex underwear products

When a brand with limited brand cannot meet consumer needs, consumers will transfer to other brands or stores.Therefore, merchants should provide more diversified sexy lingerie series, and maintain update and improve existing products to attract more consumers.

customer service

Poor after -sales service is also an important factor that leads to an increase in the rate of return.In order to reduce the refund rate, merchants should provide high -quality after -sales service, respond to customer problems in a timely manner, and provide satisfactory solutions.Quick, accurate, and thoughtful after -sales service is very important for reducing the refund rate.


The height of the refund rate directly affects the business profit and reputation of the merchant. Therefore, the merchants in sexy underwear should improve consumers’ satisfaction from multiple aspects, such as providing accurate size measurement methods, high -quality products, real pictures and descriptionsAnd comprehensive customer service.Merchants should pay attention to customer experience to reduce the refund rate.

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