The school brother buy me sexy underwear for me


As a sexy underwear designer and sales expert, I have always pursued the taste and taste of life.However, I do n’t have so many choices and understanding of the sexy underwear I wear, and the styles I often wear feel too monotonous and ordinary.Until one day, my schoolmate brought a stunning erotic underwear, which marked my new understanding of my understanding of sexy underwear.


This sexy underwear is a clustered three -point corset, which consists of a clustering cup, lining and metal buckle.The thin and curved lining can quickly reply to the shape, and the touch is very comfortable, the natural permeability and strong hygroscopic absorption, which makes people feel that there is no bondage of a bra behind.The cup adopts thin permeability mesh cloth, combined with the lining, and can adjust the chest shape, which is suitable for different sizes.The split is outlined by the black lace lace. Below is a thin thin black net, which adds a sense of visual and touch.The metal buckle has strengthened the personality and visual effects of the entire sexy underwear, which is the highlight of the adjustment.


Black erotic underwear is one of the most common colors in sexy underwear. It represents sexy, mysterious and deep, and is one of the easiest to make people feel beautiful and sexy.Black erotic underwear is particularly suitable for women with photography or external needs, and it is also the color that many women must prepare in the wardrobe in private.When pairing with underwear, you can match black or other light -colored sexual panties, or you can choose according to personal hobbies and different occasions.


This sexy underwear is suitable for women of various types of body types. The clustered breast cup has enhanced 3D effects for the chest shape.It is suitable.And the dressing feel is very comfortable, it will not make a sense of restraint like ordinary sexy underwear.


The details of the entire sexy underwear are very sophisticated. It consists of more than 5,000 nails. The black silver -plated metal buckle is inlaid at the cup, and two silk bands are intertwined together, adding the artistic sense of sexy underwear.The thin lining increases the feeling of wearing, and it can also avoid the occurrence of nipple stickers.The hooded treatment of lace and mesh makes the entire sexy underwear more three -dimensional, adding waistline and waist component to the entire underwear, connecting the strap with the waistline, and the design is closer to the physical characteristics of most women.


The price of sexy underwear is not cheap. Although the price of this sexy underwear is slightly higher than the average price, after a detailed understanding of this sexy underwear, we can find that this erotic underwear is due to its materials, design, crafts and other factors.It is more sophisticated, so the price of this sexy underwear is also very reasonable, and it is worth such investment.


This sexy underwear is very fashionable. Not only is it extraordinary in style and materials, but the treatment of colors, details, and details is also a fashionable fan.Unlike his sexy underwear, this sexy underwear also reflects a certain degree of artistic, which makes people feel that sexy underwear is no longer single and old -fashioned, but can perfectly combine sexy and fashion.


This erotic underwear is suitable for colorful panties, such as safety pants, suspenders, T type and other styles.With different underwear can give people different feelings and styles.In addition, it can be paired with perspective, short tops, short skirts and other clothing to enhance sexy and beauty.


Washing sex lingerie needs to be more careful than ordinary clothing. It is recommended to use hand washing to avoid using machine washing, because sexy underwear is generally made of special materials. Machine washing may affect the elasticity and breathability of the underwear.At the same time, it is recommended to use mild detergent to avoid damaging the fabrics and design of sexy underwear.


This sexy underwear is a very good choice. It shows a certain degree of professionalism and taste from the aspects of style, design, materials to prices, and brings me a very good dressing experience.Every woman has the right to have their favorite sexy underwear. As long as it meets her needs and style, she can make themselves feel more beautiful and confident.

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