The story of letting his wife wear a sexy underwear

The first time I saw my wife

My wife and I met when they were on a blind date.She fell in love with me at first sight. At that time, she was wearing a pink sexy underwear, which made me unforgettable.

I bought sexy sheets for the first time

In a date with my wife, I decided to buy a set of sexy underwear as a gift.However, I couldn’t help the style and size of the affectionate underwear, which caused me to buy a too small underwear. After asking the clerk, I got the correct size and style.

Surprise by the pool

In our vacation, I want my wife to put on a bikini swimsuit.However, on the way to the swimming pool, she took off her sportswear and revealed a set of sexy sexy underwear, which surprised me, but at the same time excited me.

Whether the sexy underwear is suitable for figure

We have talked about whether sexy underwear is suitable for my figure.I used to worry that my body was not good enough to wear sexy underwear.However, my wife has always encouraged me to try and help me find more suitable sexy underwear, making me more confident.

Types and styles of sexy underwear

Understanding the different types and styles of love underwear will make you more confident in buying.For example, some women like sexy wild style, while some women like soft and romantic style.Some underwear show your chest and hips, and some will show your legs and waist.

Choose the right color

Color is also an important factor in sexy underwear.White, red, black, pink, purple and other colors can reflect different sexy styles.At the same time, the appropriate color should also be selected according to the skin color and occasions.For example, too deep or light colors are not suitable.

Falling underwear cleaning

You need to pay more attention to the cleaning of sexy underwear.Different materials and colors require different cleaning methods.You need to check the washing instructions on the label before cleaning, and follow the instructions for cleaning.At the same time, hand washing and drying are better choices.

Falling underwear maintenance

Interest underwear needs special attention in the process of dressing and maintenance.When wearing, it is necessary to prevent tearing or discomfort due to inappropriate wear.During maintenance, it is necessary to store and prevent any damage correctly.

Enjoy the fun of sexy underwear

Interest underwear is not only a sexy clothing, but also a process that can bring fun and surprise.Don’t be shy, learn to enjoy the process of wearing sexy underwear and showing your own.At the same time, sending sexy underwear is also a unique and romantic way, which can increase the intimacy and fun between couples.

in conclusion

Although when I first came into contact with sexy underwear, I might feel a little cramped and shy.But with continuous attempts and learning, I found that erotic underwear not only allows us to show our charm and sexy, but also another kind of fun and enjoyment.Whether it is purchasing and dressed by yourself, or for a gift, sexy underwear is an excellent choice to show different styles and sexy.

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