Tie the sexy underwear girlfriend up

Tie the sexy underwear girlfriend up

Due to its special design and materials, sexy underwear is accepted and used by more and more couples and couples to meet some people’s needs and fantasies about sex.Tie up your girlfriend is one of the common fantasies, which requires the correct choice and wearing sexy underwear. It can not only beautify the figure, but also add more fun to sex.Here are some suggestions on how to choose and wear sexy underwear to achieve the fantasy of tie girlfriends.

1. Select the right type

Whether you want to add more interest in bed or create a mysterious experience for your girlfriend, choosing the right sexy underwear is the key.From a full -body skirt underwear to a split -type G string, each type has its own unique advantages and uses.Select according to your hobbies and needs.

2. Material selection

The material of sexy underwear should be comfortable, soft and safe.Cotton and silk are comfortable and soft, but they are not flexible enough, while latex and artificial leather are more flexible but may be sensitive to the skin.It is best to choose better quality materials and understand any allergic reactions related to it.

3. Size selection

The choice of size is a key step in the process of choosing a sex underwear.If the size is inappropriate, sexy underwear may show indecent parts or cause discomfort, which will reduce the experience and fun of sex.Girlfriend’s body size and shape should be completely considered to ensure that she feels comfortable and comfortable when she is wearing.

4. Set the choice of set

The fun underwear in the room is not only a beautiful part of his girlfriend’s heart, but also one of the important manufacturing factors that tie your girlfriend’s fantasy.Interest underwear suits usually include many props suitable for different occasions and purposes, such as eye masks, handcuffs, collar and whip.Choosing a suit that suits you and his girlfriend can create a very realistic and mysterious atmosphere.

5. Selection of color matching

The color of sexy underwear can affect the atmosphere of sex. Choosing different colors can express different feelings.Red and black are the most popular colors that can express enthusiasm and mystery through them.White and fleshy can express purity and sexy, while gray and brown expressions are stable and atmospheric.

6. The choice of belt

The belt is an important part of sexy underwear. It is necessary to ensure that the belt is comfortable and practical.In order to better experience the feeling of tied your girlfriend, you can choose some belt that can adjust the length so that you can adapt to your needs well at any place.

7. Handcuffs selection

Handcuffers are a necessary tool for making fantasy to tie girlfriends.Choosing safe handcuffs is very important, otherwise it will not only destroy the atmosphere, but also cause hidden safety hazards.Providing sufficient protection of handcuffs is usually made of high -quality materials, such as safety steel wires and leather systems.

8. Use process

Before using sexy underwear, be sure to be familiar with the use of each prop.Do not excessive force during sex, pay attention to respecting your girlfriend’s feelings and needs to ensure that there is no physical damage.At the same time, pay attention to the reaction of his girlfriend and guide the negative emotions at any time.

9. Cleaning and maintenance

Interest underwear is not like ordinary underwear until dirty before washing. After use, it must be cleaned and disinfected in time.The method of cleaning and cleaning agents should be performed in accordance with the materials and manufacturers, so as not to cause damage to sexy underwear.In addition, sexy underwear should be kept dry to avoid long -term exposure and humidity.

10. Viewpoint

Tie up your girlfriend is indeed a way of challenging and mysterious sex.But before trying this method, make sure that the basis of your understanding and trust of your girlfriend is the foundation. Don’t follow blindly. This is not everyone will accept it.The correct use of sexy underwear and props can add more fun to sex, strengthen the sexual interest between the two, but we must pay attention to the safety and respect the feelings of girlfriends.

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