Top Ten Brands of Fun Underwear

Top Ten Brands of Fun Underwear

1. Agent Provocateur

Agent Provocateur is a British brand with a long history.Their sexy underwear is particularly good at centered on sexy and stunning ideas, and adds some bold and rich colors and materials.Exquisite lace and lace are one of the main features of their design, allowing any woman to wear on different occasions.

2. La Perla

The La Perla brand from Italy mainly focuses on high -performance materials, making your figure look uniform and ideal.The details of their sexy underwear are very focused on, and they have made important breakthroughs in seeing aesthetics.Especially in the style that conforms to the personality of modern women, it is very suitable for modern women who like freedom, discover themselves, and have strong expressive desire.

3. Victoria’s Secret

This brand was founded by Victoria’s Secret, Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Chain.Their sexy underwear they designed focuses on adjusting the body shape, enhanced the chest, and creating a perfect curve.The brand’s slogan is "Underwear needs to make us feel great, because all the beginnings start in underwear!"

4. Bluebella

Bluebella is a British sexy underwear brand that focuses on creating sexy, fashionable and avant -garde underwear.Bold, sexy, and freedom are their designed themes. At the same time, they provide a variety of design and styles to meet the needs of different women.

5. Coco de Mer

This brand originated from London and is known as one of the most sexy underwear manufacturers in the world.Their design theme is "exploring the depths of your heart". The sexy underwear gathers a series of sexy and unique styles, which is a bright color in the underwear world.

6. Frederick’s of Hollywood

Frederick’s of Hollywood was founded in 1946 and is a brand of American underwear manufacturers.Their sexy underwear design is loved by Hollywood stars. Their underwear style is mainly inspired by movies and CTV programs. It is now one of the endorsement brands of American sex lingerie.

7. Baci Lingerie

Founded in 2007, Baci Lingerie is a global sexy lingerie brand that can meet different needs of women.The underwear style and material they created are not only impeccable, but also decorated with fashion elements.The most important thing is that they are not only creating sexy underwear, but they are also showing the world how to give full play to charm and charm, so that women to wear their underwear out or feel more confident and sexy at home.

8. Ann Summers

This is a British sexy underwear brand, which is more distinctive in perspective and hollowing out. At the same time, their underwear is preferred to feminist ideas, and it aims to give full play to women.

9. Honey Birdette

Honey Birdette is a underwear brand from Australia, which is marked with a clear and spicy design and characteristics.Their underwear pays great attention to details, emphasizing the sexy power of women, suitable for those women who like fun and fashion.

10. Wolf & Whistle

This is a British sexy underwear brand, which is mainly committed to creating high decoration and diversified design.They pay attention to creating penetrating sexy underwear, creating a balance point between high performance and high -style.

In general, every sex underwear brand has its own characteristics.It is very important to choose a brand that suits you. Different brands have different strengths.Whether in color, material, design or style, we can find sexy underwear that suits us.The most important thing is that the inner self -confidence and sexy are the best outfit.I hope that every woman can find their favorite sexy underwear, and at the same time, they can also discover their sexy and charm.

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