Transparent erotic underwear catwalk video

Fashion boom of a strong sexy atmosphere

Transparent sexy underwear is a strong sexy atmosphere in the fashion boom.In recent years, transparent erotic underwear has been the focus of attention at an international sexy underwear exhibition.In 2016, in Switzerland’s Stackelberg model beauty pageant contest, transparent sexy underwear became one of the important items representing fashion and sexy.The catwalk is the best platform for transparent sexy underwear to show its charm and display designer courage.

Design innovation and practicality

Transparent sexy underwear is not only diverse in style, but also has both design innovation and practicality.The designers cleverly blended the material of tulle, lace, etc., showing soft lines and colorful effects in different ways.

Fine details

The transparent erotic underwear is more sophisticated in detail. Related components such as hook eyes, shoulder straps, and ring buckles also use better, more sexy materials and manufacturing processes.Various fine embedded and hand -sewing highlight the high -end positioning of the brand.

Pay attention to the rationality of ergonomics

In the design process, the brand focuses on ergonomics to ensure the wearing experience of transparent sexy underwear. While showing sexy charm, it provides women with a comfortable experience.

Different styles of display

Transparent erotic underwear can have different styles, such as bra and underwear, dresses, slings and tights, love decorations, etc.These different designs show the creativity and design capabilities of brand designers.

Widely applicable scene

Transparent erotic underwear is not only suitable for special occasions such as Valentine’s Day and anniversary, but also for daily life.’

Even if you just enjoy your own time at home, you will make your heart full of confidence and sexy atmosphere while wearing transparent sexy underwear.

Maintenance of transparent sex lingerie

The special materials of transparent sexy underwear need to be more careful.Generally speaking, the best way is to use hand washing to avoid machine washing and hanging.

Especially suitable for women with tall figures

Transparent sexy underwear is particularly suitable for women with tall figures.The transparent tulle and lace fabric allows women to show the softness and charm of limbs.

Need more attempts and practice

Different figures have different beauty. When a transparent sexy underwear helps women show their attitudes and better look out of themselves, they need extensive attempts, practice and summary.At the same time, under different scenarios and different needs, transparent erotic underwear also needs to be further adapted and improved.


Transparent erotic underwear is not just to satisfy the stimulus of visual, but also an important element to show women’s temperament, charm and self -confidence.The designer’s outstanding talents and fine and exquisite production process are doomed to be praised and pursued by the unique charm of transparent sexy underwear.

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