Turbuy Polying Paper

Turbuy Polying Paper

Women’s erotic underwear has a variety of styles, and each sex lingerie has different functions and effects.Among them, urine and sexy underwear are a unique sexy underwear, which are widely used in large occasions such as SM games, sex games, training games, and sex short films.So, what is the effect of urine and sexy underwear, what is it, and what are the precautions for wearing urine and sexy underwear?Next, let’s understand this sexy underwear together.

1. What is urine and sexy underwear

Turbuy and sexy underwear is a special style of sexy underwear. It mainly squeezes the urinary tract and bladder, so that the wearer feels the feeling of urination, so as to achieve the purpose of irritation.There are many styles of urinating underwear, including bow types, briefs, and T -shaped pants. Each style has its special design and role.

Second, different styles of urine and sexy underwear

1. Bowlon type 情 1 1 1 1 衣 1

The bow -type urine sexy underwear is a common style of urine and sexy underwear. Its design structure is relatively simple. It is wrapped in women’s vulva, including labia and clitoris.Through urination, women can have a strong sense of sexual stimulation and make sex more exciting.

2. Threewes

Tr carry pants -type urine sexy underwear is another common style of urine sexy underwear. Its design is similar to ordinary underwear, but adding a special squeezing structure to the abdomen and lower bodyPleasure.

3.T -type pants type 尿 3 3 3 3 3

T -shaped pants and urine sexy underwear is a more special urine sexy underwear. Its design is similar to T -shaped pants. The special extrusion structure is also added to the genitals.Due to the special design of T -shaped pants, you need to pay attention to the style suitable for the size when wearing, otherwise it will affect the comfort and sexual irritation of the wearer.

Third, the matters that need to be paid attention to when wearing urine and sexy underwear

1. Strictly follow the instruction manual

Different styles of urine and sexy underwear are different. Before wearing, you should read the instructions carefully to understand how to wear and use correctly.Don’t explore yourself to avoid affecting health.

2. It should not be too long to wear

It should not be too long when wearing urine and sexy underwear, and generally do not exceed 30 minutes, so as not to affect health and comfort.

3. Don’t force

It is not recommended to try over -irritating games and violence to avoid affecting physical and mental health.

Fourth, the advantages and disadvantages of urine and sexy underwear

1. Advantages

The design of urinating lingerie is special, which can make the wearer have a strong sexual pleasure and make the sex life more exciting.

2. Disadvantages

It is easy to be uncomfortable to wear. If it is not worn or too long, it will adversely affect the reproductive health of women.

Five, fabric selection

The choice of fabrics for urinating underwear is also very important. You should choose soft, breathable and comfortable materials to avoid the occurrence of static and allergies.

How to maintain

Professional sexy underwear requires professional maintenance and should follow relevant instructions.It is generally recommended to wash and dry naturally. Do not soak or use washing machines and other equipment for a long time.

Seven, occasion selection

Pay special attention to wearing urine and sexy underwear to avoid wearing in public or with strangers to avoid embarrassment and safety hazards.

Eight, conclusion

Pois urination and sexy underwear is a specially designed sexy underwear that allows women to have a stronger sexual pleasure in the process of sex.However, you need to pay attention to related matters and taboos to wear, so as not to affect your physical and mental health.

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