Ultra -short pants sex lingerie bus school

Super short pants and sexy underwear are eye -catching in bus and schools, which is eye -catching.They have a high degree of sexy, suitable for women who are confident and courageous.

1. Wear ultra -short pants sexy underwear and take a bus

Wearing ultra -short pants sexy underwear on the bus is indeed a sexy enjoyment.In the process of enjoying, you need to pay attention to the decent of behavior, such as not opening your legs to avoid laughing and making trouble.This can reflect your own quality and charm.

2. Wearing ultra -short pants sexy underwear to school

For students, wearing ultra -short pants sexy underwear in school really requires high confidence and courage.A calm and confident attitude is the most important, avoiding eye -catching eyes and words as much as possible.

3. Fabric and design

The design and fabrics of ultra -short pants sexy underwear should be diverse.Many sexual erotic lingerie materials are exquisite lace or silk, which can show the curve and aesthetics of women’s bodies.It should also be noticed in design to meet different body and personalized needs to meet the needs of different consumers.

4. Be careful to choose the height of the pants

You must also pay attention to the appropriate height of the ultra -short pants. This can better show the beauty of female peach muscles, but it is not suitable for everyone’s figure.You need to choose according to your body and personal situation.

5. Pay attention to underwear matching

Underwear sexy underwear is properly paired with underwear to improve the wear effect.Deep V underwear or shoulder strap underwear is a good choice, and the sexy feeling is self -evident.

6. Selection of accessories

It is necessary to choose some sexy accessories when wearing ultra -short pants sexy underwear.Some earrings or necklaces can better embellish the sexy of super short pants sexy underwear.

7. Confidence is the key

From the perspective of which perspective, self -confidence is the necessary foundation for wearing ultra -short pants sexy underwear.If you lack confidence, it is easy to cause tuning, which will affect the effect of sexy underwear.

8. Pay attention to the occasion

Wearing ultra -short pants sexy underwear on different occasions will have different effects.Choosing occasions and choosing matching, you need to be semented and restrained, otherwise it is easy to happen.

In general, wearing ultra -short pants sexy underwear requires certain skills and conditions, and more pay attention to the perfect combination of internal and external.Therefore, when choosing ultra -short pants sexy underwear, you can choose from many aspects to meet different occasions and personalized needs.

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