Very disgusting mood fun underwear

As a unique clothing, erotic underwear has always attracted much attention.However, in the market, there are some disgusting sexy underwear, which makes consumers feel very dissatisfied.Let ’s take a look with you, what are these disgusting sexy underwear.

1. Bad fabric

The fabric of sexy underwear should be a soft and comfortable material, but some disgusting sexy underwear uses inferior fabrics.These rough fabrics make people feel very uncomfortable, and even some people will cause itching of the skin after wearing it.

2. Rough workmanship

The fine work of sexy underwear is the key to making it a unique clothing.However, some disgusting erotic underwear is rough, the head is messy, and it looks like no beauty.

3. Exaggerated size

Some disgusting erotic underwear, in order to meet the market demand, exaggerate the size, let consumers feel the illusion, and feel that the underwear can be worn by itself.However, in fact, such underwear will be very tight after putting on, and it will even affect the health of the body.

4. Unhygienic packaging

Interesting underwear packaging should be disinfected before use, but some disgusting erotic underwear did not disinfect, and even accumulated in an unclean environment. Such underwear would have a great health threat to the body.

5. Style of Rotten Street

The style of sexy underwear should be some unique and personalized designs, but some disgusting sexy underwear has a large number of repeated and similar styles, which makes people feel very boring.


In the sexy underwear market, some disgusting erotic underwear will make themselves into high -end products, with virtual high prices, allowing consumers to have unrealistic expectations.However, the actual use effect is not the same, and it is even different from ordinary underwear. Such virtual high prices make people feel extremely dissatisfied.

7. Brand reputation is not good

The reputation of the brand is a key factor for consumers to choose to buy sexy underwear.However, some disgusting erotic underwear brands have no good reputation, making consumers feel very uneasy.

8. Advertising is too exposed

The advertisement of sexy underwear should be a delicate and implicitly promoting product. However, in order to attract the attention, some brands use over -exposed advertising methods. Such advertisements will not only increase product value, but will make it even moreVulgar.

9. Inappropriate color

Color is an important element of sexy underwear. However, some disgusting sexy underwear uses inappropriate colors, which makes people feel beautiful at all, and even a little disgusted.

10. Inappropriate patterns

The pattern of sexy underwear should be a unique and beautiful element, but there are some disgusting sexy underwear using inappropriate patterns, which makes people feel very uncomfortable.

In short, choosing a disgusting sexy underwear will bring consumers a very bad experience and consequences. Consumers should carefully choose guaranteed brands and high -quality products when buying sexy underwear to ensure their own safety and health.

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