Video for free sex underwear

Video for free sex underwear

Interest underwear is undoubtedly a costume that can increase interest and sexy. It is essential to make lovers more exciting. Special dressing and sexy underwear are definitely indispensable.However, many people may not know how to use unconventional sexy underwear, such as free sex underwear.In this article, I will introduce how to use free sexy underwear and provide some practical skills.

Step 1: Understand the type of free -reinstate underwear

Before starting to use the free sexy underwear, you need to know what kind of different types.Among them, the most popular is the personal -free erotic underwear, which can be affixed to the skin and lower body.Another type is self -sticky underwear, bra and underwear can be pasted by themselves without using other stickers.Knowing these types can help you choose your underwear that suits you.

Step 2: Select the correct size

It is important to choose the correct size.When buying underwear, first understand your size and measure according to the size chart provided by the merchant.If the underwear size is too small, it will be very uncomfortable to use.

Step 3: Keep it clean and keep your skin dry

Before using sexy underwear, be sure to ensure that your skin is in a clean and dry state.Otherwise, the underwear cannot be pasted on the skin and it is easy to fall off.It is best to take a bath before using it. You can use neutral detergent to clean the skin to avoid applying any oily products on the skin.

Step 4: Test before use

Before use, you can test it to ensure the viscosity of avoiding sexual underwear.Put them on the skin that is not sensitive to the skin, but do not stick them on the skin that is sensitive, fragile or just injured.If you do not cause any discomfort, please use it with free to remove sexy underwear.

Step 5: Correct use of free -free sexy underwear

Paste the underwear on dry and clean skin. Do not use any oily products on your hands, otherwise it will affect the stickiness of the underwear.Put it on the skin carefully, and then press and rub it slightly to ensure that it adheres to the skin.At the same time, cut parts of underwear as needed to meet the needs of individuals and ensure that underwear can reasonably cover and protect key areas.

Step 6: Storage and cleaning after use

After use, don’t let it go casually.It is recommended to put the underwear in its original packaging or box to avoid dust or other unclean things.Underwear can be washed with warm water, and then dried with warm wind, try not to rub and twist underwear.

Step 7: Observe the use time

Removing sex underwear is not suitable for daily use, and the length of use should not exceed 6 hours.Excessive use may affect the health of the skin.When you feel uncomfortable, take off your underwear immediately.After using it many times, its viscosity will be weakened and new underwear needs to be replaced.

Step 8: Combined with other styling

Remove sexy underwear can be used with other clothing, such as wearing European and American style shoulder bags and high heels, or more sexy jackets and long skirts.Improve the supporting style and make your shape more outstanding.


When using the free -free underwear, choose the correct type and size, keep it clean and dry skin, test, and use it appropriately. It is very important to choose other clothing.When you master the above techniques, free sexy underwear will definitely become your fashionable and practical dress.

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