Want to buy sex underwear underwear

Want to buy sexy underwear?Let’s take a look!

In today’s society, sex products have gradually entered the public life, and sexy underwear and panties have become one of the products that people admire.But for some consumers who have just been contacted, how to buy and pay attention to, we will answer them one by one in combination with industry knowledge.

1. Sexy underwear and underwear types

There are many types of sexy underwear and underwear, and simple classifications include teasing, charming, wild, elegant, etc.Choose the right style according to your body and preference to make yourself more confident.

2. Quota underwear innerwear material material

The available materials include silk, adhesive fiber, high -elastic silk, simulation lace, cotton and other types.However, it is recommended to choose skin -friendly, breathable and comfortable fabrics, and should not be used for materials that are too heavy or stimulated by skin.

3. Sexy underwear and underwear sizes

The size is very important, especially the size of the underwear.It is recommended to measure your waist and hips before buying, and then refer to the brand’s size table.It is strongly recommended not to blindly buy small underwear, which is not good for health.

4. Sexy underwear and underwear color

The color of sexy underwear and panties is very important, and the color of the shades will also bring you different moods and aura.Generally speaking, meat, rose red, black, white, representing noble and sweet.

5. Sexy underwear and pants style

The more eye -catching styles, the more noticeable, but the more likely it is to be suitable for you. Coupled with the impact of different popular trends, choosing the right style has become the top priority.

6. Sexy underwear and underwear brand

Interesting products require strict production technology and safety standards. Therefore, choosing big brands and formal brands is the first choice to ensure the safety and comfort of goods.

7. Seed underwear and underwear purchase route

In order to avoid being deceived by an attempted merchant, it is recommended to choose a large shopping mall or regular adult products store to buy, or you can choose an e -commerce platform, but you must ensure that the source of the product is formal.

8. Sexy underwear and underwear Pants to wear precautions

After buying sexy underwear, pay attention to maintenance and wear problems.You need to clean it according to the instructions, and do not baptize with other clothing. At the same time, when choosing sexy underwear, you need to pay attention to this is a private item, and you should not wear it easily.

9. In the event of sexy underwear and underwear

Interest underwear and underwear are a good helper to enrich the life of husband and wife, but you need to pay attention to in use.Different erotic supplies can be used in different occasions, such as family partners, travel or sweet dating.

10. Sexy underwear and underwear matching

The last question is the matching of sex products, which needs to be selected according to your external image and occasion.Generally speaking, with reasonable underwear and underwear, people can emit a good temperament and gas field.

In general, sexy underwear and underwear are a product that can meet personalized needs. However, when buying, you also need to pay attention to materials, sizes, styles, brands, wearing problems.Choosing the right product can enhance your confidence and charm.

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