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Introduction: The needs of the AV industry, sexy underwear is becoming more and more popular

The vocabulary of sexy underwear may not be so common before.But now more and more people have begun to pay attention to the brand, style and wearing method of sexy underwear.Here we have to mention a field: the AV industry, the AV industry’s demand for sexy underwear has promoted the expansion of the sexy underwear market.At the same time, looking at AV in sexy underwear, it has become an emerging hobby of many people.Let’s take a look at the recommended sexy underwear and av free resources.

The benefits of wearing a sex lingerie to see AV

Many people find that wearing sexy underwear when looking at AV seems to have a special feeling.Wearing a sexy underwear to see AV can increase the stimulus of visual experience, allowing people to enter a passionate state faster.Not only to stimulate men, but also have a certain stimulating effect on women, which can help women enter a climax faster.In addition, improving the quality of sex and sexual desire may be an extra benefit of wearing a sexy underwear to see AV.

Recommended sexy underwear 1: lace sexy underwear

Lace is one of the classic elements of sexy underwear.Whether it is transparent or opaque sexy underwear, you can increase the sexy feeling through lace.Lace erotic underwear in the AV industry is also common. This style will be attracted to both men and women.

Recommended sexy underwear 2: belly to sexy underwear

It is a good choice for bold women to wear belly pocket underwear.The sexual lingerie of the bellyband can expose the chest part, adding some sexy.Moreover, the bellyband sexy underwear can not only wear at home to watch AV, but also wear shorts, dresses, etc. to play and play to increase the interest of life.

Recommended in sex lingerie 3: split sex underwear

Speak sex underwear is a sexy style.This sexy lingerie can take care of sexy and comfortable, suitable for wearing in summer, cool and sexy.Some men and women can experience more described feelings when wearing split sexy underwear.

AV recommendation 1: "Tokyo Hot"

As a classic representative of Japan’s AV, "Tokyo Hot" is a brand containing almost all AV types.In "Tokyo Hot", you can see various types of actresses. The figures and preferences of these actresses are different, which meets the different taste needs of the audience.

AV recommendation 2: "heyzo"

"Heyzo" is another popular Japanese AV brand.This brand is characterized by amateur, focusing on nature and real feelings.Compared to other AV brands, the picture of "Heyzo" is more fresh and more in line with the audience’s Amway.

AV recommendation 3: "S-CUTE"

"S-Cute" is a kind of AV work that is more delicate and literary than "Tokyo Hot" and "Heyzo".This kind of work pays more attention to the expression of character emotions. The emotions of the characters play a more important role in the work, and the picture is more soothing.

Online av free to watch the website

In addition to charging AV websites and genuine resources, many online AV watching websites is also a good choice for the audience.Most of these websites are free, updated, and rich in resources, allowing audiences to watch various AV resources more conveniently.

Related precautions

Although there are some benefits to seeing AV in sexy underwear, we also need to notice that we should comply with relevant regulations and clearly agree with the relationship between the other party.In addition, you should choose healthy, quality sexy underwear and AV resources.

Summary: sexy lingerie and AV achieve a good life

It is not a fresh experience to see AV in sex underwear, but it is also a kind of beauty for our daily life.Wear sex underwear and open AV videos, let us enjoy more about sex and passion.

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