Wear sex underwear as a love article

Dressed in erotic underwear for love: How to add interest and freshness in sex


Interest underwear is an indispensable part of modern culture.Wearing erotic underwear can increase sex and freshness, which can not only satisfy the woman’s sexual fantasies, but also enhance the man’s sexual interest.In this article, we will introduce some skills and precautions for wearing fun underwear to love.

Choose the right sexy underwear

First of all, it is important to choose a sexy underwear that suits you.Different women have different figures and personalities, so they need to choose the underwear style that suits them for their own situation.For example, slim girls are suitable for lace lace underwear on the shoulders, and plump women can choose strong underwear with strong breasts.In addition, in order to increase freshness, you can choose sexy underwear with different colors and materials.

Show your sexy

It is also very important to show your sexy.When women wear sexy underwear, they can relax themselves in sex, show their charm and increase men’s sex.You can talk about laughter in the bedroom, actively show your sexy, and increase the freshness of sex.

Use sex toys and props

In addition to sexy underwear, sex toys and props can also increase sex and freshness.For example, it can use props such as mouth opening, fun handcuffs and butterfly jumping eggs.But when using these props, ensure safety and hygiene.

Try a new potential

Different postures can also increase the freshness of sex.Women can wear thong under the sexy underwear. Men can wear sexy briefs under the sexy underwear, try new posture and sex toys, and increase the degree of sexual stimulation.In addition, eye communication and oral words in sex can also increase interest.

be safe

When using sex toys and props, pay attention to safety.It is confirmed that these props are safe and hygienic to avoid infection diseases.At the same time, when exploring new sexual postures, pay attention to physical tolerance and avoid injuries.

Mutual respect and trust

Mutual respect and trust in sex is also very important.Both men and women should reach an agreement and try to take care of each other’s feelings to avoid misunderstanding and conflict.Interest underwear and props just add freshness to sex, and cannot replace the trust and respect of both parties.

fully prepare

Before starting sex, be fully prepared.Including the preparation of sexy underwear and props, the design of the scene and the guarantee of hygiene.These preparations can increase the overall effect of sex, thereby achieving a more pleasant experience.

Explore self

Use sexy underwear, props and new pose to explore self and challenge new sex experience.In continuous exploration, you can gradually understand your physical and sexual preferences, so as to achieve higher sexual satisfaction.


Putting on sex underwear is a way to increase sexual taste and freshness.But while enjoying sexual love, we must pay attention to safety, respect and trust to achieve a better sexual experience.

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