Wear sex underwear to work novels

Wear sex underwear to work novels

In recent years, the trend of wearing erotic underwear has become more popular.However, this topic has always been talked about tasteless and useless.Today, let me share a real story to let everyone know this topic better.

Chapter 1: The first day

Xiaomei is a young girl. She just joined a small IT company.In order to show her fashion and self -confidence, she deliberately put on sexy sexy underwear.However, she found that in the office, everyone’s eyes became tricky and made her a little uncomfortable.

Part 2: Tracker

One day, Xiaomei found that a person was always monitoring her.She first thought it was her own illusion, but when she asked, she found that her colleagues also noticed.She wanted to dispel this impetuous idea, but her heart was full of discomfort.

Chapter 3: Workplace Struggle

Over time, Xiaomei found that she was excluded in the atmosphere of this company.She clearly felt that she was not taken seriously.For the first time, she felt that the workplace was not only work, but also needed interpersonal skills.

Chapter 4: Survivor

Xiaomei is more lonely, and she tries to make some food to pass the time.During the baked bread, her erotic underwear overflowed.She was scared.She believes that no one can know the truth of the matter until she fails to fail her boss’s dedication.

Chapter 5: No reservation

Xiaomei began to become a more open person, and she worked in sexy underwear.Although sometimes embarrassing situations, such as the corridor’s conversation and the ridicule of ghosts, she thinks this is a way of life.

Chapter 6: Balance

In the process of communicating with colleagues, Xiaomei began to understand each other.She found her colleagues respecting her work and her colleagues.She learned to balance her needs and the needs of others in her life.

Chapter 7 Social Social

Due to Xiaomei wearing sexy underwear to work, she became more popular and began to be widely invited to various gatherings in the company.She found that in this way, she can understand everyone more and better integrate into the company.

Chapter 8: Confidence

In the workplace, self -confidence is extremely important.After learning the balance, Xiaomei became more confident. She knew how to express herself and began to strengthen her talents and skills as much as possible.

Chapter 9: Questions about actual questions

Over time, Xiaomei also changed a higher level in the company.She also began to ask some practical issues, such as the company’s economic status and the development of the team.She knows that her confidence and trust are the foundation of her success.

Chapter 10:

I have received many criticisms when I wear sexy underwear, but as long as there is a certain destination in my heart, this lifestyle is credible.If you think this lifestyle is suitable for you, then persist.

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