Wearing a fun underwear novel in the windbreaker

Wearing a fun underwear novel in the windbreaker

The windbreaker is one of the must -have fashion items for autumn and winter. The classic jacket style looks extremely stable in the change.When we put on a windbreaker in the cold wind, while warming ourselves, we can also show our beauty to the people around.And how to wear sexy, elegant, and eye -catching effects in the trench coat has become a problem that women have been exploring.And sexy underwear, as the ultimate sexy equipment, has always been sought after by women.What kind of fashion, aesthetic and sexy experience will the fusion of trench coats and sexy underwear bring?Next, let’s discuss this topic together.

Chapter 1: Types of sexy underwear

Before understanding how to match the sexy underwear and windbreaker, let’s first understand the types of sexy underwear.The style, material and style of sexy underwear are very different. The following lists are listed on several common underwear:

1. Lace underwear: Different materials and colors of lace can wear different styles. It is a soft and sexy and charming underwear.

2. Belly Board: This is a light mature woman’s style. It fades the top into a thin layer of gauze, exposing the stagnation groove, and does not hide the beautiful outline of women.

3. Stockings: The touch of the delicate gauze on the skin and the treatment of details cannot be replaced by other underwear.

Chapter II: Style and Color of the Trench Kicker

The color and style of choosing a trench coat is very particular.The trench coat suitable for sexy underwear has a very feminine design and tone, such as dark blue, brown, and warm pink, making you look more elegant and sexy.

Chapter 3: How to choose sexy and minimalist?

When matching windbreaker and sexy underwear, how to find a balance point between simplicity and sexy, so that you look both taste and dignified?It should be noted that the simple windbreaker will not be too gorgeous, and sexy underwear needs to be spent to match to create a perfect effect.

Chapter 4: How to choose the right sexy underwear?

Choosing the right sexy underwear is the key.Start from your body, choose the style and size that suits you.For women with less standard cups, you can also choose small items such as chest pads and chest stickers to supplement shaping.

Chapter 5: How to choose the right stockings?

Stockings are an important part of sexy underwear.It is important to choose stockings with good quality and standard quality standards.When matching a windbreaker, you must choose stockings with darker colors and saturated colors, so as to highlight the beauty of women.

Chapter 6: How to cleverly match the sexy underwear and windbreaker?

When you have chosen the right sexy underwear and stockings, you can start to match the trench coat.An important principle is: Don’t expose underwear and stockings too much, giving people a vulgar feeling.

Chapter VII: Suggestions for the shape and matching when wearing sexy underwear in the windbreaker

1. Light color trench coat with linen, skin tone, or light -colored sexy underwear, which complements each other.

2. The long trench coat can be paired with an oblique walking attitude to bring underwear and stockings out of the imagination.

3. When wearing a fun corset in the trench coat, pay attention to the appropriate angle, leaving some room for the windbreaker and the sexual corset.

Chapter 8: Tips: How to keep warm under the premise of wearing a sexy underwear

When wearing less in winter, how can we ensure that the heat is not sexy when wearing a sexy underwear in a trench coat?You can choose some long -sleeved sexy underwear, or underwear to choose a material with higher warmth.

In short, when you wear sexy underwear, put on the windbreaker outside, walk in the cold wind, you will find that you are not only warm, but also full of charm.


Wearing a sexy underwear in the windbreaker is a fashionable exploration that perfectly combines its beauty and sexy.I hope this article can bring you some inspiration and let you fall in love with this fashionable and sexy matching method.

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