Wearing a sexy underwear husband scolds nerves

What is sexy underwear?

Sex underwear, also known as sexy underwear or adult underwear, is a special underwear, aiming to enhance personal sexual attractiveness.

It can be lace, transparent, tight, etc., making women more sexy and more seductive after wearing it.

For couples who want to increase sexual and marriage life, wearing sexy underwear is one of the very interesting and exciting methods.

Husband scolds nerves?

However, some women may encounter problems encountered by wearing fun underwear, such as being laughed at or scolded by her husband.

These issues may make some women feel sad and embarrassing, but don’t worry, the following are some suggestions on how to wear sexy underwear, I hope to help you spend these difficulties.

Consider your own feelings

When you want to wear sexy underwear, the first thing to consider is your own feelings and mentality.

If you think this will make you confident and sexy, then wear it, you don’t need to take care of how people around you evaluate.

Communicate with your partner

If you have communication channels with your partner, then please tell him that you want to try to wear a sexy underwear.

You can tell him that this is your wish and decision, not to do so to please him.

You can also ask him if there are any types of erotic underwear for you, which will also make the communication between you better.

Pay attention to occasions and time

Wearing sexy underwear is indeed sexy and seductive, but you need to pay attention to occasions and time.

If you are just the two -person world at home, you can put it on it with confidence.

But if you are facing a major economic conference or other formal occasions, then don’t wear sexy underwear.

Check the size and style

The choice of size and style is critical. You need to understand your body and preferences first, and choose the appropriate size and style.

If you choose errors or sexy underwear that is not in style, it is difficult to reflect the charm of the sexy underwear itself.

If you are not sure of the size and style, you can consult a professional sex lingerie store salesperson and let them choose to choose.

Confidence and positive attitude

Once you decide to wear fun underwear, don’t let others’ evaluations become your confidence obstacles.

You have to have a positive attitude and confidence, so that your husband will appreciate you more.

Change to prevent boredom

When you are often wearing, sexy underwear may become monotonous and boring. At this time, you can try to change a new color or style to increase the freshness of sexy underwear.

Be your own impression

Interest underwear is not only a gift and surprise, it is also one of the important elements of your self -image.

You can express and shape your personality and characteristics by choosing a sexy underwear that suits you.


In the final analysis, the problem of wearing a sex underwear is the individual’s choice and freedom.

When you decide to wear sexy underwear, please be full of confidence and confidence, because your own feelings are the most important.

If your partner is unacceptable, then you can face it calmly or communicate with him, understanding and supporting is the best sexy underwear.

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