Wearing Ding Zi Wanny Underwear Beauty Pictures


In sex life, d -character sexy underwear, as a sexy underwear, has always been welcomed by the public.Putting on a good -looking ordered lingerie, no matter from the heart and appearance, you can make you more charming and touching.In this article, I will introduce some knowledge about wearing Ding Zi’s sexy underwear, and provide some pictures of beautiful pictures of dites’ sexy underwear, hoping to help you better understand Ding Zi’s sexy underwear.

What is tiny sexy underwear?

Ding characters are a special style of underwear. It is characterized by only one thin rope connected to the two sides in the back. There can be various designs in front, including lace, lace, satin, metal chain and so on.From the back, Ting -oriented underwear is like an uppercase letter "T", so it is also called "T -type underwear" or "T back pants".Putting on Ding -character sexy underwear will make your hips look firmer and sloppy and more tempting.

Choose the correct size

Like other clothing, choosing the correct size is the first step in wearing a Ding -character erotic underwear.Choosing a small size will make you feel uncomfortable and uncomfortable, and too large size will cause the panties to loosen tightly, which may affect your image.It is recommended that we choose the appropriate size when buying tannuts. For example, if you usually wear M coded underwear, you can choose the M code’s or -chipped sexy underwear.

Suitable for different figures to wear sexy underwear

Everyone’s body is different, so the sexy underwear is also suitable for their own.For women with petite figure, tall, plump or fleshy, it is important to choose different sexy lingerie styles.For example, a petite woman can choose the n -character sexy underwear on the edge of lace to show cuteness and playfulness; tall women can choose some tight styles to show the beautiful curve of the body; and full or fleshy women can choose some better onesSupporting and storage style.

Matching upper and lower installation

Wearing Ding -style sexy underwear, and up and down is also a very important part.For the upper installation, you can choose a short -seeking short belly outfit or a T -shirt of a word, making your underwear more sexy.On the bottom, you can choose short skirts or shorts to make your legs more slender.Similarly, it is also necessary to pay attention to the color selection of the next packet. It is recommended to use black, red and other dark colors.

How to care for doco sexy underwear

The fabrics of T -type erotic underwear are generally thinner, so you need to pay special attention in terms of nursing.It is recommended to wash it by hand to avoid using a washing machine and friction. You can use a neutral detergent to lightly wash. After washing, wash it again. Squeeze excess water before drying to avoid direct sun exposure under the sun.

Tinto sexy underwear selection

Pay attention to the occasion of wearing Ding -style sexy underwear.For example, in the love of innocence, it is not recommended to wear too exposed and exaggerated underwear, and it is also possible to make the other person’s interesting again between adult couples.In some playful occasions, it is recommended to choose a more playful and cute underwear style, and in some more formal occasions, it is more suitable for choosing more elegant styles.

How to wear tannuts sexy underwear

Wearing Ding -style sexy underwear, we must also have self -confidence and consciousness.Don’t be afraid of the eyes of others, show the slightest restraint, and don’t wear underwear to please others.We have to have our own ideas, know which style and color of underwear we want to wear, and wear confidence and temperament.

Precautions for wearing tannuts sexy underwear

There are some matters that need to be paid attention to in dude sexy underwear.For example, when wearing Ding Zi, you should pay attention to the thin ropes of the belt to hook Ding Zi’s fun underwear to ensure the fixation of the underwear; avoid wearing in activities such as long -term walking or runningWearing tiny sexy underwear, and ensuring the neat hygiene of the underwear, avoid excessive wear and cause itching in private parts, and do not easily lend your own orientation underwear to others to wear them together.

Try to try different styles of sexy underwear

Finally, we must be brave to try different styles of sexy underwear and find underwear that suits us.For example, some people like to be implicitly restrained, and some people prefer bold and daring styles.We can try to try on different occasions to find our best dress style and become more beautiful.


In short, wearing tin -oriented sexy underwear can not only add more fun to our fun life, but also enhance our beautiful image and enhance their confident temperament.However, wearing d -characters and sexy underwear also need to pay attention to selection, matching up and down, nursing cleaning, occasion, etc., especially the maintenance of self -confidence.As long as we do this, wearing Ding Zi’s sexy underwear will definitely make us more beautiful.

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