Wen Bixia sexy underwear photos

Wen Bixia sexy underwear photos


Wen Bixia is a well -known actress in Hong Kong and one of the spokespersons of the sex lingerie brand Purpuratta.Recently, Wen Bixia revealed her sexy underwear photos and attracted a lot of attention and hot discussion.So, let’s take a look at the sexy underwear and styles in these photos!

Foremills: The origin and development of sexy underwear

Interesting underwear originated in the West. At first, as the props in sex games, it played an important role in expressing love and release desire.With the opening of society and the change of women’s concepts, sexy underwear has gradually been liberated from sex games, becoming a fashion and culture.Now, sexy underwear has become one of the important lingerie categories, and more and more women have begun to pay attention to sexy underwear types and styles.

The first one: sexy see -through underwear

Sexy perspective underwear is a mainstream type of sexy underwear. The perspective effect makes women’s figures more sexy and charming.This underwear can be paired with any type of pants or skirts, which can be worn on couple gatherings, private occasions, etc.

Second paragraph: front buckle underwear

The front buckle underwear is a kind of front buckle underwear. It can make the chest more three -dimensional through the front buckle, the waist and abdomen, which reflects the beautiful curve of women.In the design of this underwear, it is recommended to choose the effect of stable chest holding the chest.

Third paragraph: T -pants

T -shaped pants are a special panties. The bottom of its bottom is "T", which is very in line with the physiological curve of the human body. It can not only greatly show the beautiful lines of women, but also increase fun and stimulus.

Fourth paragraph: hollow jacket

The hollow underwear is a combination of elements such as lace, fish nets, and perspective with underwear to design some sexy underwear with perspective effects, so that there are some surprising visual effects between the underwear and the skin, bringing more psychological levelsExperience.

Fifth paragraph: lace underwear

Lace underwear is one of the mainstream types of sexy underwear. Because the lace fabric itself has good visual effects, wearing lace underwear can make women look softer, delicate and sexy.Not only that, the lace material can also make the underwear more breathous and make women more comfortable and comfortable.

Sixth paragraph: stockings

Stockings are one of the important parts of sexy underwear. It can be black, white, fleshy or purple, etc. It can also match different patterns and materials for different figures to make people feel colorful visual effects.Stockings can also bring a lot of fun and excitement to people, and can also bring people some excitement and surprises.

Paragraph 7: chest sticker

Breast paste is a novel underwear design that allows women in bare parts to obstruct more perfectly.The chest stickers are usually designed with adhesive lace, which sticks around the nipples and sagging breasts, which can greatly enhance the beauty of women and make the chest look more powerful.

E -8: Bikini underwear

Bikini underwear is a European and American -style sexy underwear. Its unique and sexy style is a dreamy underwear in the hearts of many women.Bikini underwear has many unique designs, such as lace lace, metal ring buckle, zipper design, etc., which looks very sexy and eye -catching.

in conclusion

There are many types of sexy underwear, and each style has its unique charm and flavor.No matter what type of sexy underwear, as long as it is properly matched, choosing the right size and style can make women more confident and more beautiful, and become their best spokesperson.

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