Western sex lingerie temptation

Western sex lingerie temptation

1. What is Western sexy underwear

Western sex underwear refers to underwear designed with sexy, temptation and stimuli. Its style is usually bolder, fashion and avant -garde. Through underwear, it can show women’s sexy charm.

2. Types of Western sex underwear

There are many types of Western sex underwear. Common sexy straps, lace jumpsuits, stockings, lace panties, lace bra, hollow clothes, etc.

3. Western sexy underwear style selection

Choosing a Western sex underwear that suits you can make women more sexy and confident. When choosing a style, you need to decide according to your body and temperament.For women who are not perfect, they can choose hollow clothes and other styles to highlight the charming and sexy. For women with good figure, they can choose a more bold style to show their perfect figure.

4. Color choice of Western sex lingerie

The color choice of Western sex lingerie is also the key. Generally, black is the most popular color, because black can better highlight the mystery and temptation of women.In addition, red, purple, gold and other colors are also a good choice.

5. Western sexy underwear material selection

The material of Western sex lingerie is also very important. The selection of materials requires softness, skin -friendly, breathable, and easy to dry. You can choose underwear such as linen, silk, lace and other materials.

6. How to wear Western sex underwear

The way of wearing Western sex lingerie is also particular, and you need to choose the method of wearing according to your body and style characteristics.For women with large breasts, you can choose the way of bras with a strap to reduce the gravity of the chest. For women with small breasts, you can choose the way of bras and fake chest pads to create a fuller figure.

7. Cleaning and maintenance of Western sex lingerie

Cleaning and maintaining Western sexy underwear is very important. It is recommended to use hand washing methods to use neutral cleaner. Do not use bleach and dryer.After washing, dry it naturally and place it in a dry and ventilated place.

8. Western sexy underwear wearing skills

Western sex lingerie also requires skills. When mating, you can choose long skirts or long coats to better highlight the sexy and temptation of Western sex underwear.

9. Different occasions of Western sex underwear

Different occasions need to wear different Western sex underwear, such as at home, you can wear bold styles to wake up love and passion; in party, banquets, etc., you can choose a relatively stable and low -key style.

10. The temptation of Western sex lingerie

The temptation of Western sex lingerie is that it can dig women’s sexy and charm, and can also stimulate men’s vision and sexual desire.But when wearing, pay attention to the appropriate occasions and methods to avoid bad impacts.

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