What are the international sex lingerie show

What are the international sex lingerie show

With the popularity of sexy underwear and the expansion of the market, the international sex lingerie show has gradually become a big focus in the global fashion industry.This article will sort out the content of the international sex lingerie show to help you better understand this field.

1. Victoria’s Secret underwear show

Victoria’s Secret is the leader in the sex underwear industry. Its underwear show attracts many fans every year.Its underwear show is known as the top competition of the sexy lingerie show, covering a variety of sexy, luxurious and innovative elements.

2. American Infusion Underwear Show

The American Foch Underwear Show is a event with more than 20 years.This exhibition gathers many sexy underwear brands, showing the latest trends and designs.It provides a platform for top underwear designers to share success and explore the trend.

3. Italian sexy underwear exhibition

The Italian sex underwear exhibition is a more professional and boutique exhibition.This exhibition contains some luxurious and high -end brands to show luxurious, elegant and noble style.It has attracted many professional buyers and designers from Europe and Asia to come to watch and communicate.

4. French erotic underwear show

French sex lingerie show is a grand event held in Paris.It gathers some global underwear brands, showing the elements of luxury, high -end and fashion.With its luxury and elite image, it occupies a certain position in the sex underwear industry.

5. China International Instead Underwear Week

China International Sexy Underwear Week is a grand event for Chinese underwear brands.It provides a display platform for Chinese underwear brands to help them enter the global market.It covers a variety of styles and design directions, showing the innovation and breakthrough of Chinese underwear brands.

6. British Infusion Underwear Contest

The British sex lingerie competition is a more passionate and sexy underwear show.This activity focuses on super models and top brands, and has unique performance and exploration in terms of interest and sexy.With a bold, sexy, and avant -garde image, it has become a highlight of the international sex underwear industry.

7. Australian sexy underwear show

Australian sexy underwear show is a underwear show that explores sexy underwear in a relaxed, fun and natural way.It focuses on the personality and local characteristics of Australian underwear brands, showing Australia’s sexy and stylish side.

8. Korea International Sex Underwear Show

South Korea’s international sex lingerie show is a major event to show the Korean sex lingerie brand.This exhibition has attracted the top international brands and designers to come to the exhibition, showing the diversity and innovation of Korean sexy underwear.

9. Canadian sex lingerie show

The Canadian sex underwear show is a event in the North American underwear industry.This exhibition has attracted many underwear brands and designers from Canada and the world to participate in the exhibition, showing the high -quality and distinctive designs of Canadian underwear brands.

10. Germany International Sex Underwear Show

The German International Sexy Underwear Show is a long history of underwear.This exhibition brings together underwear brands from Europe and other places in the world, showing its fashion, innovation and high quality.It has an irreplaceable position in the German fashion circle.

in conclusion

The international sex lingerie show is an important role in the field of sexy underwear.Different underwear shows cover different elements and design directions. Their existence and development broaden the market and design space of sexy underwear.

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