What are the Taobao sex lingerie stores

What are the Taobao sex lingerie stores

Looking for sexy underwear shops on Taobao, you will find that there are many shops and products. Since products such as sex underwear involve privacy, you must pay attention to choosing regular shops.This article will introduce several Taobao sexy underwear shops, so that you can buy good -looking and easy -to -use sexy underwear without having to go out.

Shop 1: Liashiclub Estee Wolf

Liashiclub Estee Wolf is a shop that focuses on creating high -quality sexy underwear.They have their own brands, covering a variety of styles, novel and unique product design, excellent materials, and rich styles.Can meet different gender, body shape, and taste needs.

Shop 2: Xingle Lei Dai

Xingle Lei Dai is a shop that focuses on sexy underwear and adult products. Its product line is wide. It not only has common sexual erotic lingerie, but also has some personal custom styles, intimate services and strict confidentiality measures to let you shop worry -free.

Shop 3: Ke Xinyuqi

Ke Xinyu is a shop that focuses on sexy underwear, bikini and pajamas.Their product design is simple and generous, especially the bikini part. It is very fashionable. Girls who like beach vacations can consider choosing their products.

Shop 4: Anfier underwear

Anfier underwear is a female underwear shop with sexy underwear and European and American style.In addition to sexy underwear, there are various styles of daily underwear and swimwear, with more choices such as oversized and swimsuit zones.

Shop 5: Angellure

ANGELLURE is a shop focusing on European and American style of sexy underwear and adult toys.Their products are more retro and romantic, and they are very suitable for those girls who like European and American culture and taste.

Shop 6: AICES underwear house

AICES underwear house is a shop that focuses on sexy underwear, and its reputation on Taobao is quite good.The product style is diverse. There are different themes such as rabbit girls, maids, police, etc., and the price is relatively close to the people.

Shop 7: EME New Gelu

EME New Gelu is a beautiful underwear and sexy underwear brands. The quality and reputation of the product are quite good.There are many interesting accessories, such as hanging straps, etc., add more elements to your sexy makeup dress.

Shop 8: Ingra Liney

Ibe Di Dila underwear is a sexy underwear and pajamas that mainly provides different styles.Their products are diverse, elegant and generous, sexy avant -garde, and small and fresh.

Shop Nine: Lambor Studio

Lambor Studio is a sexy underwear brand with deep cultural heritage. It is loved by European and American women in terms of makeup.Their products have high requirements on their figures, boldly designed, and have a very high temptation.

Shop 10: Open clothing library

Opening the clothing is a personality and fun underwear brand, and it is also an excellent shop on Taobao.Their product style is stylish and beautiful, with bold and avant -garde design style.The price is affordable, suitable for the start of rookie.

in conclusion

There are also many good shops and products on Taobao’s sexy underwear stores, but they still need to pay more attention when choosing.If you see an abnormal product or the price is too low, you can understand the credibility of the store and avoid being deceived.

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