What do you say when you are found to buy sex underwear

What do you say when you are found to buy sex underwear

In modern society, sexy underwear has become more and more popular. In order to enhance their charm and sexy, many women have begun to buy different styles of sexy underwear.However, when the sexy underwear is found, it may bring you a lot of embarrassment and trouble.This article will provide you with suggestions on how to cope with this situation.

Don’t have too much nervousness

First, don’t be too nervous when your sexy underwear is discovered by others.Interest underwear is a normal clothing, not a bad thing.You can express it at will for the reasons for you to buy sexy underwear.Don’t let others misunderstand or degrade your purchase of sexy underwear.

Confidently explain why you buy sexy underwear

When others ask you why you buy sexy underwear, you should explain your reason confidently.You can tell them that sexy underwear can enhance your confidence and sexy.Or to improve the quality of life and increase the sexual interest between husband and wife.

Follow your own story

No matter how you choose to explain, don’t try to make up any reason to avoid embarrassment.You just need to follow your own story and explain your behavior sincerely to others.After all, your reputation is very important.

Be careful to handle difficulty explanation styles

You may be difficult to explain when others ask you why you buy "strange" sexy underwear.In this case, you can minimize this sense of restraint. It is best to say that you like this style and it makes you feel comfortable.However, if you feel unable to explain, it is also feasible to just apologize and flash people.

Don’t give up your preferences

Although the attitude of others is important, you cannot give up your preferences because of others’ disgusting or ridicule.Good erotic underwear can enhance your self -confidence and charm and improve the quality of life, which is also worth it.

Hidden them in where others are not

When you live with others, it is particularly important to hide your sexy underwear.Hidden them where others are not there so as not to let others see or touch.

Correctly clean the sexy underwear

To avoid vulcanization or deformation of sex underwear, correct cleaning is necessary.The correct method is to use a neutral washing solution, gently washing or hanging drying.

Avoid wearing sexy underwear in public

Even if you buy the sexiest style, you still recommend that you do not show sexy underwear in public.Doing this will make others feel uncomfortable and destroy their experience.Moderate behavior can make your sexy more attractive.

Discuss with your partner

If your partner doesn’t like you when you wear some sexy underwear, you should discuss with them.Find a way that can meet your needs and not destroy your partner experience.

in conclusion

Don’t be too nervous when buying sexy underwear.Choose the right reasons, methods, places and attitudes to make you feel confident and relaxed.When encountering other problems, remember to explain, discuss and find solutions with good way.

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