What does uncle think of sexy underwear

What does uncle think of sexy underwear

Interest underwear is a special underwear. Unlike ordinary underwear, its design is more sexy and charm, which can inspire people to have a deeper desire.However, for some older uncles, the understanding and acceptance of sexy underwear are relatively limited. The following analyzes how the uncle views sexy underwear from several angles.

Appearance design

For most uncle, the appearance of the sexy underwear is too exaggerated and too sexy, which is simply unbridled.They feel that sexy underwear is a challenge to traditional culture and morality, and even feels a kind of existence of harassing social atmosphere.However, in fact, the design of most sexy underwear is not too exposed, but more emphasis on the beauty of female body curves and lines.Therefore, these shapes are also very marketable.


Most uncle did not have a strong sexual desire and sexual experience. They are more shy in terms of sexual relationships and are not so interested in seductive tools such as sexy underwear.They often feel that sexy underwear is a kind of disrespect for themselves and women. It is difficult to accept sexy underwear to make women feel more confident and attractive.However, in modern society, sexy underwear has become a popular culture. It is different from traditional culture and is more free and open, especially in oriental culture such as Japan and South Korea. This culture is widely accepted.

Quality and material

For uncle, the choice of quality and materials is even more critical.They believe that sexy underwear is a special underwear and must have high quality and quality assurance.It is precisely because of this idea that when many high -end sexy lingerie brands are created, they do not just take into account the design and style of underwear, but pay more attention to the choice of materials and the guarantee of quality, making the created underwear more powerful.

Price and consumption power

For uncles, prices and consumption power are also a problem that cannot be ignored.Although they pay a little attention to the color and design style of sexy underwear, they pay more attention to price and cost -effectiveness when buying.They often choose some sexy underwear products with cheap and good quality.However, we must understand that sexy underwear is a product that can be seen and see. For women, it is necessary to consider style and comfort. Therefore, the price is not the only consideration.

Brand awareness

The brand awareness is also an important choice for many people.For uncles, most of them know about the information of the affectionate underwear brand through advertising and other channels. The brand awareness is also an important point when choosing a sexy underwear, which increases the credibility of the product.However, the declaration of products may not necessarily accurately, and many brands need users to judge themselves.


For uncle, sexy is also a critical issue.They feel that sexy underwear is too sexy, like revealing the taste of sexy temptation.Although sexy is very critical for sexy underwear, it does not mean that all erotic underwear is too sexy.Sexy definitions are different. Excessive emphasis on sexy can only make people feel vulgar and indifferent, and it will not make people sweet.


Uncle often entangle the gender applicability of sexy underwear. They feel that sex underwear is a patent for women, and it is strange to wear underwear on men.But in fact, many erotic underwear brands have launched men’s underwear.After all, the relationship between men and women is not so single and fixed, and interesting gender transformation is also interested in most people.

Consumer sites

For uncles, some comfortable and hidden environments are often focused on consumer venues.Therefore, when buying sexy underwear, in addition to shopping in physical stores, buying online is also a very good choice.In addition to solving some problems in the shopping space area, online shopping also provides a lot of good shopping experience, which brings a lot of convenience.


In general, there are many perspectives of uncle’s view of sexy underwear. It is like observing one thing. It can be analyzed from different perspectives to get different experiences and knowledge.For the design of sexy underwear, I personally think that while retaining female individual beauty, the use of sexy and artistic methods reasonably and appropriately can lead people to know and accept sexy underwear, so as to better enjoy the joy and feeling it brings.

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