What erotic underwear is worn after a caesarean section

What sex underwear after cesarean section?

Caesarean section is a general way of childbirth, a process of challenging neonatal and maternal challenges.In the early days of postoperative, wearing comfortable underwear was very helpful for recovery.However, because the time to rest and heal after cesarean section is longer than regular delivery, the mother must carefully choose the underwear she wore.Here are some suggestions about wearing sex underwear after caesarean section.

1. Open underwear in the front

The front opening underwear is very suitable for maternal cesarean section.Compared with conventional bra, opening underwear is more convenient when feeding, and it is easier to wear and take off.Similarly, if you need to use an ice pack to alleviate the phenomenon of breast blockage or backflow, the front -opening underwear is more likely to make the ice bag close closely with the breast.When you open your underwear before use, you should choose to meet your size to ensure comfortable dressing.

2. Soft cup underwear

The steel -free and soft underwear can effectively avoid compression of caesarean wounds.Moreover, avoiding the use of steel rim bras can reduce pressure on breasts and vertical axes, making breathing more natural and comfortable.If you intend to use one of them, you should choose to make natural fibers, it is best to contain cotton underwear or comfortable fabrics without chemicals.

3. Follow panties

The area near the caesarean wound needs special protection.Therefore, the underwear suitable for caesarean section should be fit and not narrow to avoid friction and compression of wounds.At the same time, considering the recovery of vaginal and perineal muscles after vaginal delivery, underwear suitable for this situation should be selected.Taste and stress should be suitable for personal body shapes to avoid unnecessary sense of urgency.

4. Adjustable underwear

In the process of restoring the cesarean section, the mother will continue to change.Therefore, some adjustable underwear suitable for wearing longer.In addition, adjustable underwear helps to adjust with the changes of the body, so as to keep it comfortable.

5. Package underwear

Wrap underwear is also one of the good choices for cesarean ladies.This underwear is completely covered with all breasts, and it is convenient for breastfeeding through the design of locks or magic stickers.The advantage of this underwear is that the hot air from the outside world can avoid entering the breast and vertical axis, making your breast more comfortable.

6. Milk suction pot underwear

A breast suction pot is a necessary tool for wound recovery period.Its magnet adsorption device allows you to absorb breast milk more conveniently.Choose a built -in -built -absorbing pot function to facilitate you to use it during early breast milk.

7. No trace underwear

In the process of restoring the cesarean section, scars may occur at the wound.Therefore, choosing non -trace underwear can avoid increasing stimulation near the wound, thereby reducing the possibility of scars.Compared with breastfeeding or using underwear underwear or use of dairy pots, the benefits of no trace underwear are that it pays more attention to wearing the appearance. It is characterized by softness.Any pressure on the breast.

8. Suitable for yoga underwear

Yoga can help women improve their body state and body shape.If you plan to perform yoga after a caesarean section, you can choose underwear suitable for body shape to better cooperate with yoga exercises.This type of underwear usually has an enhanced steel ring part, which can play a stable role in the body of the mother.

9. Non -hormone underwear

Allen Rima, a dermatologist in Chelsea First Hospital, said: "Avoid unclear ingredients or underwear with hormone or chemical components during the care period, these substances will be absorbed by breasts and surrounding skin.Adverse effects. "Therefore, choosing non -hormone -made underwear can avoid additional physical reactions caused by underwear.

10. Personalized fashion underwear

Although your recovery process may not be easy, the proper mood and attitude will help.Therefore, choosing some personalized fashion underwear is also a good choice.These underwear can make your mood happy and bring more fun to your recovery.

in conclusion:

After a caesarean section, you should choose underwear carefully to ensure that the underwear is comfortable, suitable for the body, and meets the needs of personal needs.From opening underwear, to comfortable parcels, to no trace underwear, and underwear suitable for yoga, there are many options for maternal cesarean ladies.When choosing underwear, the mother needs to consider her size, recovery progress, style preferences, and whether there is any discomfort, and ensure that the underwear is comfortable, not tight, and does not rub and oppress with wounds or scars.

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