What is the small ball sent by sexy lingerie

What is a small ball given by sex underwear?

If you have bought a sexy underwear, you will definitely find a small ball often attached.This small ball is the imagination of underwear manufacturers to increase the product and make customers feel novel matching design. The small ball usually has various colors, shapes and materials.

How should a small ball be used?

This small ball is mainly for adding the visual effects of the product. It has no special purpose in itself.You can try to use it as a decoration and hang it on the underwear as one of your personality or sexy manifestations.

Will the small ball affect the body?

Small balls are usually made of plastic or rubber, so they do not cause any damage to the body when they are attached to your skin.However, if you are allergic to these materials, contacting small balls may cause skin allergies.Therefore, if you have a history of allergies in related parts, it is best to do a test before wearing.

Can I remove the small ball from the sexy underwear?

The answer to this question is yes.Small balls are usually only worn by a small thin rope. You can remove it, and then choose to hang it or decorate it elsewhere in your favorite place.

Is there a way to replace the ball?

Sometimes small balls may be inappropriate or lost.If you want to replace the small ball, you can buy the corresponding small ball by yourself, and then wear the line on the sex underwear.However, pay attention to select small balls compatible with sexy underwear to avoid damage to underwear.

What are the types of small balls?

There are many types of small balls, which can generally be divided into silicone small balls, granular balls, bell balls, and so on.Each small ball presents different colors and shapes, allowing you to choose according to personal preference and sexy underwear.

How to clean the ball?

Because the material of the small ball is different, the cleaning method is also different.For example, small silicone balls can usually be washed with warm water and soap or wiped with alcohol, but it cannot be washed with boiling water.The bell ball should avoid water contact, and can only be wiped with a dry cloth.

Will the small ball fall off?

If the design of the sexy underwear is tight and appropriate, and the small ball is linked to it, then the small ball usually does not fall off from the underwear.However, if your sexy underwear has been used for too long, or the small ball you use is large, at this time, the small ball may fall off from the hook ring.

What is the importance of small balls for sexy underwear?

In the design of sexy underwear, small balls are a very important element.The color, shape and weight of the small ball will affect the overall design of the sexy underwear, especially the color and style of the small ball are the same or complementary, which will greatly improve the overall visual effect.Because when many women wear sexy underwear, they are not only to meet their sexy and fashionable needs, but also to make their sexual life more harmonious and pleasant, so complete design details can inspire people to buy happily.Dressing well can also make sexy underwear more valuable and more attractive.

Small ball conclusion

Small balls are a small matching material in sexy underwear, but it can add color and highlights to sexy lingerie, making the overall design more three -dimensional rich.I hope that this article can make you have a deeper understanding of the sexy underwear ball and inspire your future sexy lingerie wearing and choice.

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