What kind of sexy underwear is worn in thick legs

What kind of sexy underwear is worn in thick legs

Each woman has its unique figure. Frequent women will choose to wear sexy underwear to show their outstanding figure.However, when your legs are not so perfect, you may be discouraged about sexy underwear.If you are looking for the right sexy lingerie style to cover up the thick legs, then this article is prepared for you.

1. Understand your leg shape

It is important to understand the shape of your legs before choosing a sexy underwear.Many women are facing different leg types, such as O -type legs, X -type legs and puffy legs.Knowing your leg shape is to better choose suitable sexy underwear.

2. Choose high -waist pants underwear

High -waisted pants panties are one of the best choices to cover up leg defects.It can create a smooth waistline, which can reduce the unnecessary convex of the hips and cover the flaws between the legs and waist.

3. Seamless underwear is a good choice

Seamless underwear is suitable for women with suitable underwear, which can eliminate thick, curled and visible silk traces.This underwear is very suitable for wearing too tight coats or skirts.

4. Consider the body

Bid -bodies are one of the very popular sexy underwear, which is almost suitable for all women.The body clothes can cover excess fat, especially in the thighs and waist.Choosing a loose or tight -fitting body depends on your comfort.

5. Avoid tight pants

Tight pants are the type of sexy underwear that is best avoided by women with thick legs.This underwear can highlight the thick thigh lines, making your legs look wider.

6. Find your appropriate size

No matter what kind of sexy underwear you choose, you must make sure you choose underwear that is suitable for your body size.Wearing too tight or loose underwear will definitely make your leg problems more conspicuous.

7. Choose a loose underwear

Tight -band underwear can help you eliminate excessive protrusions in your legs.This can eliminate excessive cutting and curls of the belt, reducing the squeeze of the thighs and hips of the panties.

8. Consider perforated sexy underwear

Pole sexy underwear is one of the types of sexy underwear with good breathability.It can help you avoid the problem of imperfect skin due to long -term sexy underwear. Good breathability will prolong the life of sexy underwear.

9. Choose the right color

The correct color can affect the appearance of sexy underwear on the body.Dark sexy underwear can cover the defects well, and bright colors can highlight the leg lines.

10. Choose the right texture

The correct texture can improve the impression of sexy underwear on body lines.It is recommended to choose smooth underwear. If you want to choose a mesh or hook -pinch panties, try to avoid the wavy or edge lines of the panties.

in conclusion

The selection of sexy underwear for women with thick legs is still very wide. Just choose sexy underwear suitable for your body size.Before choosing a sexy underwear for yourself, first understand your legs and physical outlines, and choose a sexy lingerie style and color that helps to eliminate defects.Put on a suitable sexy underwear, you will find that your figure can be more charming!

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