What machines and equipment do I need for sex underwear processing plants


What machines and equipment do I need for sex underwear processing plants?This is a question that everyone who wants to open this factory needs to think.Choosing the right machine and equipment will directly affect production efficiency, quality and cost.Here are some indispensable machines and equipment in the process of sexy underwear processing.

Sewing machine

Sewing machine is an indispensable machine for sexy underwear processing plants.There are many types of sewing machines, such as flat -car, horizontal, vertical, and hand -type.For smaller sexy underwear processing plants, hand -type sewing machines are a choice of money.For large manufacturers, horizontal or vertical sewing machines are more suitable for production.


The tailoring machine is mainly used for tailoring.It can reduce the time and human costs required for production and improve production efficiency.There are currently two types: manual and automatic tailoring machines on the market.Automatic tailoring machine is more suitable for large manufacturers than manual tailoring machines.

Beads embroidery

The bead embroidery machine is a decorative machine added to the underwear, including sequins, pearls, transparent plastics and other decorations.These decorations make underwear more beautiful and sexy.It is very useful to use beaded embroiders on some customized underwear.

Ironing equipment

Underwear also needs to use ironing equipment during the production process.Some materials need to be ironed to have a flatter appearance.These devices include an iron, a hanging machine, and an iron.


The corset machine is a machine that can merge the corset pads together.It is necessary to use a corset machine when making some grooves or elastic underwear.


The embroidery machine is a machine that can embroidery on the fabric.It can embroidered beautiful patterns such as lace or petals on underwear, and to increase the quality and value of underwear through these embroidery.


Pressoring is a machine that can make plastic sheets that must be used as underwear.Tight plastic strips are suitable for underwear such as chest, back, and hem.Using pressure machines can improve production efficiency, otherwise these plastic strips need to be made by hand, which wastes time and labor costs.

Automatic dispenser

Auto -ordering machine is a machine that can automatically apply glue to the fabric.It can save the tedious operation of hand -painted glue when making underwear, thereby improving efficiency and quality.


Underwear molds are a device that can shape fabrics into specific shapes.Making a good mold is essential for improving production efficiency and underwear quality.


In the erotic underwear processing factory, choosing the right machine and equipment has a direct impact on production efficiency, quality and cost.According to actual needs, choose the right machine and equipment to create more value.The machine and equipment introduced above can help sex underwear processing plants to improve production efficiency, improve quality, and control costs at the same time.

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