What platform is suitable for sex underwear for selling

Interest underwear is an increasingly popular clothing today, bringing people different surprises and experiences.There are also many sales platforms for sex underwear, but different platforms may be suitable for sales.In this article, we will explore which platforms are suitable for sex underwear.

1. Adult products store

Adult products stores are one of the most common sales platforms for sex underwear stores, because adult products store itself offers a series of products to enhance sexual experience, including sexy underwear.In adult products stores, sexy underwear often gets more display opportunities, and at the same time there will be more professional sales skills to provide more personalized suggestions.

2. Network sales platform

E -commerce platforms such as Taobao and JD.com, such as Taobao, JD.com, are also one of the main ways for sex underwear sales.The advantage of the network platform is that it can sell sexy underwear to buyers across the country, while at the same time, it has the characteristics of convenient, fast, and low cost.In addition, selling sexy underwear on the network platform can also use online marketing methods, such as SEO, SEM and other means to increase sales.

3. Mall counter

Shopping counters are another more common sales platform.In the mall, the sex underwear counter is usually displayed in the same area as other underwear brands.The sales method of shopping mall counters is more high -end and professional, and can sell products to more target consumer groups.

4. Offline store

In addition to shopping mall counters, sex underwear offline stores are still relatively common sales methods.Offline stores are a more authentic and intuitive shopping experience for consumers. They can experience the rich details and textures of sexy underwear.In addition, the sales method of offline stores also has more customized advantages.

5. Quota Show Exhibition Conference

The sex products exhibition will be an important activity of display and promotional sex products, and all kinds of erotic supplies, including sexy underwear, will be displayed.Participating in the Funeral Products Fair allows consumers to experience the quality and characteristics of sexy underwear in person, and at the same time, it will also strengthen consumers’ understanding of different brands.

6. Private B2B e -commerce

In addition to Volkswagen’s e -commerce platform, private B2B e -commerce is also a good way to sell.This method usually sells various sex products to small -scale retail stores and private consumers.Due to the small sales scale, this sales method will be ignored by most brands, but it often brings higher quality sales opportunities.

7. Independent sales platform

With the increasing e -commerce platforms, some brands or independent designers choose to sell sexy underwear on independent online platforms.Such a platform focuses on showing personalized design styles, often spend more time to polish the quality and characteristics of the product, and focus on communication with consumers.

8. Social media

Social media is now one of the important tools for brand promotion. Many sexy underwear brands promote products on social platforms such as Instagram and Facebook to achieve the purpose of establishing connection with target customers.In this way, brands can allow consumers to understand their sexy underwear products, while also maintaining customers’ loyalty.


Generally speaking, there are many platforms for sex underwear sales. Brands or sellers should choose the sales platform according to their own experience, consumer needs and market conditions.When choosing a platform, you also need to pay attention to the interaction with consumers and the construction of the brand image.

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