What reaction of a man seeing sexy underwear

What reaction of a man seeing sexy underwear

When a man sees sexy underwear, what does it usually react?Some people will feel excited, some will feel embarrassed, and others will think they are insignificant or unscrupulous.Different people have different views. Let’s discuss the reaction of men who see sexy underwear.

1. Excitement

For many men, seeing sexy underwear will excite them.This reaction mainly derived from men’s desire for sex.Interest underwear is usually more sexy and exposed, so men have a sexual impulse response.This is also the original intention of sexy underwear design. They aims to stimulate sexual desire and enhance the stimulus of physical sensory.Therefore, if a man sees a sexy underwear, he may immediately have a strong sexual impulse.

2. embarrassment

Not all men are excited when they see sexy underwear, and some men are embarrassed because of their uneasiness or shyness.This reaction usually comes from men’s sense of insecurity of their body or sex.If a man is not confident or uncomfortable, he may feel embarrassed and uncomfortable.Therefore, when he sees a sexy underwear, he may feel embarrassed.

Three, unruly

There are also some men who feel unhealthy when they see sexy underwear.This reaction usually comes from men’s moral concepts and cultural backgrounds.Different countries and regions have different attitudes to sex, and some society is more conservative. Men will feel uncomfortable or uncomfortable about women’s exposed or sexy clothes.Therefore, some men think that this kind of dress is not serious when they see sexy underwear.

Four, beauty

In addition to emotional reactions, men also look at sexy underwear from aesthetic perspective.For some men, sexy underwear has a unique beauty.They can be exquisite lace, gorgeous satin or bright colors.These elements can make men feel excited and pleasant.For some men, sexy underwear is also a kind of art.

Five, sexy

The design of sexy underwear is very different from traditional underwear. This kind of clothes are usually more exposed and sexy.They will highlight the body and curve of women, allowing men to see more skin.It looks more sexy and sexy underwear attracts men’s attention. Men may want to look at more or touch it.

Six, surprise

Interest underwear is usually special and attracts men’s attention.If a man sees a woman walking through ordinary clothes on ordinary days, he may not be surprised or excited.However, if this woman wears sexy underwear, men are likely to be attracted and surprised.

Seven, voyeur

Sex underwear is usually wearing women in private places. Men seeing this kind of clothes are likely to be stealing without permission.Therefore, some men see that sexy underwear will have a feeling of voyeur. The existence of this feeling may make men’s reactions stronger.

Eight, mystery

Interest underwear is usually secretive, only on specific occasions or appreciation of specific people.The mystery of this clothes can enhance the curiosity and curiosity of men.If a man sees a woman wearing a sexy underwear, he may have more curiosity about the lady, and he may want to know the woman in depth.

Nine, desire

Similar to the first reaction, some men seeing sex underwear have strong desires.Sex underwear is a stimulus of sex, and usually causes a strong sexual impulse.Therefore, some men want more contact and feelings when they see sexy underwear.

10. Personal hobbies

The last reaction is personal hobbies.For some men, sexy underwear is just a plastic artwork, or just a fashionable clothing.These men do not have any strong reactions when they see sexy underwear. They just appreciate and evaluate sex underwear from the perspective of their preferences.


There will be a lot of different reactions when men see sexy underwear, which is determined by individual differences and environmental factors.No matter what the man’s response is, sexy underwear is a cultural phenomenon worth exploring and appreciating.

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