What shelves are used for sex underwear

Choosing a suitable shelf is the key to sexy underwear display

For sex lingerie stores, choosing the right shelves can not only improve the display effect, but also increase the willingness of customers to buy.However, sexy underwear has different styles and sizes, so the shelf you choose must be targeted. The following are several aspects of the shelves for sexy underwear.

Select shelf types according to underwear styles

The styles of underwear are not only divided into various types such as bra, underwear, sexy underwear, tights, etc., but also have different colors, styles and sizes. Therefore, the purchase of shelves should be determined according to the underwear style.Some sexy underwear is a sexy product, which is suitable for special display shelves for special display.

Consider regulatability and customization

Adjustable shelves can better adapt to different sizes of underwear and can be adjusted according to different underwear styles.When buying, considering the flexibility and customization of the shelves, you can more flexibly match different styles and sizes in the display area.

Consider the decorative effect

In addition to showing underwear, when choosing the right shelf, merchants also need to pay attention to the decorative effect.Some shelves can decorate and enhance the style and brand image of the entire underwear store.

Consider the size

Before selecting the shelves, merchants need to evaluate the size of the display area.If the storefront of the underwear shop is small, then choose some light, structured structure, and moderate size to maximize the display space.

The matching of color and texture

When buying shelves, you should also pay attention to the matching of the color and texture of the shelves.Especially after the merchant determines the brand image of the underwear store, the choice of shelves should also focus on the extension and echo of the brand style.

The relationship between display effect and brand positioning

The display effect of the shelves is closely related to the brand positioning.Merchants need to evaluate their brand positioning, determine whether the underwear is in line with positioning, and then determine the style, color, texture of the shelves, in order to achieve the purpose of promoting the brand.

Considation of humanized design

When choosing a shelves for love underwear, merchants also consider whether shelves are in line with humanized design. For example, the height of the height of the shelves is suitable for human standing, so as to be more in line with the standards of ergonomics.

Price tolerance range

When choosing a shelves, merchants also need to consider the tolerable price.Under the premise of ensuring the quality and service life of the shelves, the price of the shelves is as moderate as possible, so that it will not affect the normal operation of the underwear store.

Pay attention to after -sales service

The after -sales service of the shelves is also one of the factors considered by merchants.Merchants should choose shelf brands or merchants with good reputation and complete services so that merchants can get high -quality after -sales service and technical support in the process of using shelves.

Conclusion: The choice of shelves is the key to sexy underwear display

When choosing a shelf for sexy underwear, merchants need to comprehensively consider factors such as underwear style, shelves size, color, texture, and price.Only by choosing a suitable shelf can we maximize the benefits of underwear and increase consumer purchase willingness and sales of underwear stores.

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