What to do if there is no sex underwear

What to do if there is no sex underwear

Interest underwear is an indispensable fashion item for modern women.In addition to meeting physiological needs, sexy underwear can also improve women’s confidence and charm.However, sometimes there are emergencies. What should I do if there is no fun underwear?Below I will provide you with several temporary alternatives.


Stockings are a good alternative.Choosing stockings with similar colors can basically replace sex underwear to play the same effect.Different colors and materials can also produce different effects. For example, black stockings can create a sexy atmosphere, and meat -colored stockings are more natural.


The suspender vest is a classic and practical item.Compared with erotic underwear, although the effect of the suspender vest is slightly inferior, it can also have a certain decorative effect.Remember to choose a soft and breathable material to improve the comfort.


If you want to replace lace, coats are a very good choice.Supreme clothes are a sexy single product, and at the same time can show the body of women.It is very free to wear and can solve the problem of upper and lower clothes.

turtleneck sweater

The turtleneck sweater is a very fashionable item. After wearing it, it is warm and beautiful.If you want to replace sexy underwear, choose a high -necked sweater with a lighter color, and drag it on one side to show the sexy curve of women.

Umbilical T -shirt

The navel T -shirt is a very fashionable item with a distinctive sense of design.If you want to replace sexy underwear, choose a white or flesh -colored navel T -shirt, which can easily create a sexy temperament.


In fact, vests are also a very practical alternative.Especially in summer, wearing a suitable vest is undoubtedly the best choice.Choose a material with good breathability, which can create a relaxed atmosphere after putting it on.


The bras are a very practical alternative.Putting the bra on the normal bra can create an interesting effect.Choose a branchyt with similar colors, which is as wonderful as sexy underwear.

Lace shirt

Lace shirt is a very feminine item.Compared with sexy underwear, the effect of lace shirt is slightly inferior, but it can still have a certain decorative effect.Choosing a lace shirt with similar colors is also very practical to wear.

Silk satin dress

If you want to show a more beautiful temperament, it is wise to choose silk satin dresses or skirts.These clothes are very comfortable to wear, and at the same time full of beauty.Choosing colorful clothes can also create a sexy atmosphere visually.

Big red pouch

Dahongpao is a very Chinese product with the enthusiasm and beauty of red representatives.Choose a big red robe with a very colorful color, which can create a very vibrant and enthusiastic feeling.

No matter which alternative you choose, the most important thing is confidence, comfort and perfection.In the absence of erotic underwear, give full play to your creativity and imagination, and use simple items to create your own sexy temperament.

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