What to proof of sexy underwear sales

What proofs need to apply for sexy underwear?

For those who want to enter the sex underwear sales industry, it is important to understand which proof is.The following are several proofs required to sell sexy underwear.

License and license

First, selling sexy underwear requires some basic licenses and licenses.These may include business licenses, tax certificates, sales licenses, and so on.These documents are to ensure the legality and compliance of the seller.

Dealer contract

When choosing a supplier of selling sexy underwear, you need to sign a dealer contract.Such contracts will describe the relationships and responsibilities between sellers and suppliers.Therefore, a clear dealer contract is necessary for sellers and suppliers.

Brand authorization

If you plan to sell a sexy underwear brand, you need to get the brand’s authorization book.This will prove that you have the right to sell the brand’s underwear to better protect the legitimate rights and interests of you and the brand owner.

Identity document

Selers need to provide identity documents such as identity cards, passports or other countries or regions.This is to ensure that the seller meets the regulations and requirements of sales of sexy underwear, as well as ensuring the security and reliability of online and offline transactions.

Quality and safety certification

If you import sexy underwear from foreign suppliers, you may need to obtain the quality and safety certification of the product.These certifications usually include international quality management standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001 environmental management certification, and security certifications for specific markets.

Special license document

In some special cases, sellers may need some special permits.For example, in some countries and regions, sales of adults need to hold a special sales license or similar license.Therefore, it is important to understand the laws and regulations and regulations of your country or region.

Tax certificate

In addition to business licenses and sales licenses, sellers also need to consider tax certification.This usually includes proof of paying VAT and income tax.Different countries and regions have different tax laws. Therefore, it is recommended that you pay attention to the requirements of relevant departments when applying for a tax certificate.

Bank statement

If you need to import sexy underwear from foreign suppliers, banks prove that it may also be necessary.This will prove that your company has enough funds to pay the purchased underwear and ensure that the transactions between you and the supplier are smooth.

Insurance certificate

Finally, merchants selling sexy underwear also need to consider insurance proof.Merchants should consider purchasing commercial insurance to protect enterprises from being exempted from emergencies, such as cargo loss, public liability, and employee protection.Buying appropriate insurance also helps to improve the reputation and reputation of sellers in the market.


In summary, selling sexy underwear requires a series of proof and procedures to ensure the legality and compliance of the seller, while protecting the rights and interests of consumers.Therefore, in the early stage of investing in sexy underwear, the seller needs to understand and prepare the above -mentioned relevant certificates in advance.

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