When shooting sex underwear

When shooting sex underwear

How can you show the best effect when shooting sexy underwear?Here are some tips.

1. Determine the shooting scene

First of all, determine the shooting scene.When choosing a scene, you need to consider many factors, such as atmosphere, light, background, etc.It is best to choose a scene with a certain atmosphere to create a sexy and mysterious atmosphere.

2. Choose the right underwear

The key step is to choose the right sexy underwear.Choose underwear that is suitable for the model as much as possible, so as to show the best results.At the same time, different styles such as the style of underwear, sexy, charming, exaggeration, etc. need to be selected.

3. Use lights

Light plays a very important role in shooting.Do not use excessive lights, otherwise it may destroy the atmosphere and affect the effect.You can use soft lights to weaken the shortcomings of the model and highlight the advantages of the body.

4. Highlighting characteristics

Each model has its own unique characteristics, and it is necessary to find a prominent point.This feature can be eye, lips, waistline, chest, etc.Attract the attention of the audience through highlighting the characteristics.

5. Pay attention to the angle of shooting

When shooting sexy underwear, the angle of shooting is also very important.To show a perfect figure, the angle needs to be paired.You need to try from multiple angles to find the best shooting effect.

6. Follow the principle of selection of the editor

Select selection processing after shooting.When processing, you need to follow the principle of the selection of the editor to select the picture that can express the underwear best.At the same time, pay attention to the saturation, brightness, contrast and other factors of color.

7. Skilled in post -processing

It is very skilled in post -processing.You need to excel in the aspects of detail processing, color adjustment, etc., so that the picture is more clear and clear, and the effect of showing underwear.

8. Integrated accessories and makeup

In addition to the underwear itself, accessories and makeup are also very important.Choosing accessories suitable for underwear can make the entire shape more coordinated. Similarly, makeup can also add a lot to the entire shape.

9. Pay attention to details

Pay attention to details when shooting and post -processing.For example, whether there is a loose head or defect on the underwear, these will affect the overall effect.

10. Practice a lot

Finally, shooting sexy underwear requires a lot of practice.Only by being familiar with the entire process can we do better in actual work.


When shooting sexy underwear, you need to consider multiple factors.In addition, it is necessary to use a variety of techniques and methods to take the best pictures.

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