Where is China’s sexy underwear market

The status quo of Chinese sex underwear market

With the gradual popularization of sexual culture, sexy underwear has shown a trend of year -on -year growth as a special product with high attention, and China’s sexy underwear market is gradually growing.

The mainstream brand of sexy underwear market

In the Chinese market, the mainstream sexy underwear brands are mostly Japanese, the United States and Europe.Such as French AUBADE, Victoria’s Secret, Japan Tutu Anna, etc., these brands have a higher share in the Chinese market.

Domestic sex lingerie brand challenge

Compared with foreign brands, domestic sexy underwear brands are relatively weak in the market.Although there are many sexy underwear brands in China, the current popularity and market share are relatively low, and marketing efforts and quality need to be increased.

The consumer group of the sex underwear market

At present, the consumer group in the sex underwear market is mainly young women, high -end people, and middle class. Among them, the proportion of female consumer groups is the largest.These consumer groups focus on quality, brand and cost -effective when purchasing products.

Sales channels and methods of sex underwear market

At present, the sales channels of the sex underwear market are mainly online physical stores, online retail platforms, and third -party platforms such as Taobao and Pinduoduo.Consumers have diversified methods of buying goods. In addition to the traditional delivery experience, online purchase has become the mainstream.

The development trend of sexy underwear market

With the opening of people’s sexual concepts and changes in the social environment, the potential needs of the sexy underwear market have gradually been tapped, and the market development trend is very good.In the future, the sexy underwear market will have higher quality requirements and higher use experience.

The market gap in the sex lingerie market

At present, the wearing and aesthetics of sexy underwear in the Chinese market are still a bit flawed, and there is a gap in the market.In the future, the fun underwear industry needs to pay more attention to product innovation and technological innovation, filling the gap in the market.

The price strategy of sex underwear market

In the sexy underwear market, the cost of high -end is more prominent, and the low -end product market also pays more attention to the price. Generally, medium prices are the mainstream, and the quality is stable and reliable.Price strategy helps to occupy low -end markets and improve the market competitiveness and brand reputation of products.

Social acceptance of sexy underwear market

From the historical development, traditional Chinese culture has always been known for conservativeness, and the acceptance of special products such as sexy underwear needs to be improved.In the future, with the progress of people’s sexual concepts, sexy underwear will be more popular and acceptable.

In the new normal, the challenge of the sexy underwear market

At present, the sex underwear market is affected by the new crown epidemic, and online shopping has become the main way to consume.At the same time, foreign brands have gradually appeared in China, and Chinese brands are facing fierce market competition and brand differentiation challenges.


In the future, the sex underwear market will still have a lot of room for growth, which requires more professional and innovative products to increase brand reputation and market share.And it is necessary to promote more extensive promotion, improve people’s understanding and acceptance of sexual culture, and further broaden market share.

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