Where to wholesale in Shanghai sex lingerie

Where to wholesale in Shanghai sex lingerie

With the continuous improvement of people’s demand for sex, sexy underwear as an important sex toy has gradually entered people’s lives.As a developed economic metropolis, Shanghai has a large market demand, and the sex underwear market is also very prosperous.So, where is Shanghai sexy underwear wholesale?

Paragraph 1: Jiading District District

As a suburbs of Shanghai, Jiading District has a large number of wholesale markets, and the sexy underwear wholesale market is also among them.Both manufacturers and wholesalers will go to Jiading District for procurement and sales.Compared with the city center, the supply is sufficient and the price is more affordable.Wholesale wholesale wholesale of sex underwear who often goes to this area will also enjoy the income that can be enjoyed elsewhere elsewhere.

Paragraph 2: Tianlin Road, Xuhui District

There are also some sexy underwear wholesalers near Tianlin Road in Xuhui District. Some emerging merchants and industrial clusters are also concentrated in this area, so the number of sexy underwear wholesalers is relatively large.In addition to local merchants in Xuhui District, many wholesalers from other places will also gather here. This is why Xuhui District Tianlin Road’s sexy underwear wholesale market is very prosperous.

Paragraph 3: Xianxia Road, Changning District

Xianxia Road, Changning District, is also one of the important clothing wholesale markets in Shanghai, and there are also a certain number of sexy underwear wholesale markets.Similar to the Tianlin Road in Xuhui District, some emerging industrial clusters are also concentrated in this area.In addition to local businesses in Xianxia Road, Changning District, many wholesalers from other cities also settle here at the same time.Under general, compared with the city center, the sexy underwear wholesale market is more concentrated in this area.

Paragraph 4: Jinqiao, Pudong New District

The sexy underwear wholesale market in Jinqiao, Pudong New District is one of the more famous markets in Shanghai. There are a lot of sexy underwear wholesalers and manufacturers in the market.Compared with Yu Jiading and Xuhui, the scale of the golden bridge sex underwear market is larger, and the number of merchants is more.The price of Jinqiao’s sex underwear market is also relatively close to the people, with sufficient supply. Not only domestic brands, but also many well -known brands imported from abroad.

Paragraph 5: Nanjing Road, Puxi District

As a commercial center of Shanghai, Shanghai Nanjing Road is a tourist destination in Shanghai. Many wholesalers will choose to open a store here to sell their sexy underwear products.Compared with other areas, although the price is high, there are many fashionable and fresh sexy underwear products here.Of course, there are more luxury goods and high -end brands in the sexy underwear wholesale market, which are the first choice for people with certain consumption capabilities.

Paragraph 6: Huangpu District Dupuqiao

Datuqiao Fashion City is the oldest and most representative high -quality sexy underwear wholesale market in Shanghai.Most of the interesting underwear merchants in the market come from all over the country. Whether it is sales or many brands, it is very amazing.Of course, because of the geographical location, the price is more expensive than the strong city center, but you can easily buy cheap and good quality sexy underwear.

Duankou Seven: Shan Shan, Songjiang District

There are many sexy underwear manufacturers and wholesalers in Laoshan, Songjiang District, and are the veritable sexy underwear wholesale markets.Many factories have hired local employees to produce sexy underwear products with guaranteed quality and guarantee. There are also many high -quality, high -quality sexy lingerie, which are loved by consumers.

Paragraph 8: Hongkou District Sichuan North Road

Sichuan North Road, Hongkou District is another well -known sexy underwear wholesale market in Shanghai, which can provide relatively affordable sexy lingerie prices.The types of merchants here are very complete. Whether you are the first to enter the market or wholesale in the market or years of experience, you can find the source and sales channel that suits you.

Duanjin Jiu: Gucun, Baoshan District

As a commercial center in northern Shanghai, Gucun’s sex underwear wholesale market in Gucun District is also well -known.Especially in recent years, due to the support of government policies and the policy of attracting investment, the scale of the wholesale market has gradually expanded.Compared with the city center, the price is relatively civilian.

Duan Ten: Jiangchuan Road, Minhang District

Jiangchuan Road Infusion Underwear Wholesale Market in Minhang District has a lot of low -grade sexy underwear and prices.There are many mature brand sexy underwear merchants in this area. Most of them are from all over the country. They will push their sexy underwear products to customers all over the country and have many loyal consumers.

in conclusion

Shanghai’s sexy underwear wholesale market spreads throughout the city, which means that wholesalers can quickly find the source of their needs.The above markets have their own advantages. Wholesalers can choose the right market and merchants according to their needs for procurement and sales.When choosing a sexy underwear wholesale market, wholesalers should comprehensively compare the market quality, price, supply, and the number of demand to seek the most important ways and paths they need.

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