Who is good at sex underwear?

Understand the basic knowledge of love underwear

There are many types of sexy underwear, and their styles and functions are different.Generally speaking, fun underwear can be divided into the following categories:

1. Body -shaping underwear: Help shape your body, make your body line more beautiful and moving, and strengthen self -confidence.

2. Sexy underwear: Show the beauty of women, emphasize sexy and gender characteristics, and has a striking effect.

3. Adult products: Increase sexual interest and irritation, and improve quality of life.

4. Pajamas: comfortable, soft, light, breathable, letting people relax.

Choose a reliable sexy underwear shop

If you want to buy sexy underwear, it is recommended to choose a credible sexy underwear shop.You can search online, see the comments and scores of netizens, or consult your friends.

When choosing a shop, you can pay attention to the following factor:

1. Merchant reputation: Hot brands and regular stores will be more credible.In addition, pay attention to the qualification certification of the merchant.

2. After -sales service: The convenience and quality of service after -sales service are also important.

Know your body size and shape

Interest underwear needs to be fitted, so you need to know your body size and shape.You can use tools to measure your body to ensure that you can buy the right size.

Please note:

1. Pants and sexy underwear: Pay attention to the size of the waist and hips.

2. Tauze sexy underwear: Pay attention to the size of the bust and cup type.

Understand materials and fabrics

The materials and fabrics of sexy underwear are very important because they directly affect comfort and quality.You should choose fabrics that are suitable for your skin. Usually cotton, silk, sticky fiber, lace, etc. are a good choice.

To avoid choosing the following impermeable, uncomfortable, unhealthy fabrics:

1. Polyurethane elastic fiber (PU): Harmatic substances can cause allergic reactions to the skin.

2. Nylon: Plastic texture, impermeable, and humidity.

Choose the color and style that suits you

The color and style of sexy underwear are also very important.They can enhance your charm and convey your personality and style.You can choose your favorite color and style according to your taste and style.

1. When buying sexy underwear, choose a gorgeous design to meet your preferences as much as possible.

2. Keep it simply so that the underwear can show your beauty and sexy, rather than being dragged down by appearance.

Consider the function of sexy underwear

There are many functions of erotic underwear. You can buy the most suitable sexy underwear in order to know your needs.

Here are some common functions that need to be considered:

1. Body -shaping function: Improve your body and increase self -confidence.

2. Interesting experience: enhance sexy, excitement and fun.

3. Breath, comfort, soft: more comfortable, feel more comfortable.

Understand the method of washing and maintenance of love underwear

Interest underwear needs to pay special attention to cleaning and maintenance.This is very important for the skin to extend the life of the use and protect the tedious air conditioner.

You need to pay attention to the following matters:

1. Hand washing is the best way to deal with it, to minimize the chance of clothing damage to clothing

2. Avoid using hot water cleaning and wash with cold water; after hand washing, press or squeeze your hands instead of rubbing underwear

Consider cost -effectiveness

There is a strong correlation between the price and performance of sexy underwear, so it is necessary to consider cost -effectiveness before buying.Generally speaking, well -known brands and more expensive erotic underwear have better performance and quality, but they can also buy good quality under relatively low price.

You can choose a brand with high cost performance, increase cost -effectiveness, and get more favorable purchase prices.

Pay attention to logistics and distribution methods

After selecting the store, you need to pay attention to the logistics and distribution methods.Under normal circumstances, high -quality erotic lingerie stores will provide you with services such as express delivery, mailing, and delivery.

You need to pay attention to the following:

1. Consult the merchant’s logistics and distribution methods, including the time of delivery, the required distribution method, the price, etc.

2. Choose a reliable distribution method, such as signing and receiving people, insured services, etc., to ensure that key information such as the security and privacy of orders does not leak.

in conclusion

In summary, before buying sexy underwear, it is recommended to understand basic knowledge, choose credible shops, understand your body size and shape, understand materials and fabrics, choose the color and style suitable for you, consider the functions of sexy underwear, understand the fun of sex, understand the fun of sex, understand, understandCleaning and care, considering cost -effectiveness, focusing on logistics and distribution.Through this information, you can buy a reasonable and high -quality sexy underwear, which is more comfortable, confident and sexy.

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