Why do husbands secretly buy sexy underwear

Why do men buy sexy underwear?

Men are still common in some cases when buying sexy underwear.But many women may not know the reason behind this.If your husband has bought sexy underwear, you must be curious why men buy these things secretly.In this article, we will explore why men like to buy sexy underwear and provide some interesting facts and information.

Find a sense of freshness

For some men, wearing erotic underwear is a kind of freshness.Like other sexual posture and sex toys, these underwear are also regarded as a novel sex game.This is a good choice to make ordinary sex more passionate.

Meet visual needs

Men are usually regarded as visual animals.They prefer to be visually attracted first.Therefore, when they see some sexy, hollowed or front -cut sexy underwear, they are immediately attracted.They also hope to see women wear different underwear under different circumstances.This is very interesting for them.

Getting sexual fantasy

Some men can achieve their sexual fantasies through wearing sexy underwear.For many people, after wearing a sexy underwear, I feel that I seem to be a completely different person.This transformation can cause strong sexual excitement.Some men also look forward to their female companions can put on these underwear to achieve common sexual fantasies.

Enhance confidence

Wearing sex underwear is sometimes a way for men to enhance self -confidence.This increased self -confidence can improve the sexual ability of men and show more confident and generous in bed.The improvement of personal image can increase self -esteem and sense of accomplishment, which is very important for men.

Make sex more interesting

For those couples who have passed the "fresh period", sexual life may become mechanically boring.Dressing sex underwear makes sex interesting and not boring.Men like to walk around in sexy underwear, which is a visual enjoyment in itself.

Keep your body for women

Some men buy sexy underwear to help women maintain their figure.For example, a bouquet of sexy underwear can help shape the figure and make women look more sexy.In the case of in -depth understanding of women’s sexy underwear, men can understand what they like more clearly.

Taste varies from person to person

Each man has different tastes. Some men like sexy underwear, while others like more traditional and romantic underwear.Some men like to control the sense of control, while some men like a smooth touch.Therefore, the reason for men to buy sexy underwear depends on their personal taste and sexual preferences.

Create a sense of mystery

Wearing erotic underwear can not only improve sexual conquest, but also create a mysterious atmosphere.Many times, men do not want to know the details of women wearing underwear.They just want to feel joy and experience exciting sex.Therefore, wearing sexy underwear will bring more mystery and exciting experience to men.

Reserve a gift for women

Finally, there is another reason that men buy sexy underwear as gifts for their female companions.In this case, they usually buy underwear that is more special and sexy than usual.For these men, watching women wear underwear they choose, there will be a sense of satisfaction.Therefore, it is a common reason for sexy underwear as a gift.

in conclusion

Wearing sex underwear may be a very private and personal thing.Many men are unwilling to talk about why they like to buy sexy underwear, and these reasons vary from person to person.However, through in -depth understanding of these reasons, we can help women better understand and meet the needs of men and make their sexual life more interesting.

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