Who wears sexy underwear for a better look


Interest underwear is a special design that is specially designed to become sexy and implied or sexually -meaning.If you like it, it can enhance interest and help you stimulate sexual life.Now there are many different types of sexy underwear on the market, so how to choose the right one becomes more complicated.This article will provide some suggestions and guidance on choosing sexy underwear.

Who to choose sexy sheets for whom

You can choose sexy underwear for yourself or for your partner.If you buy sexy underwear for yourself, then you will be easier to choose your favorite style without having to consider the opinions of others.However, if you buy sexy underwear for your partner, you need to consider their preferences and sizes.

select the size

Choosing the correct size is very important for wearing comfort and sexy.You can measure your size before buying, or choose according to the underwear size you usually wear.For the sexy underwear of choosing a partner, we must know their accurate size to ensure appropriateness.

Select Tips for styles

There are many styles of sexy underwear, such as lace, mesh, denim, etc.The most important thing is to choose a style that suits your body shape.If you want to make your hips look more sexy, you can choose lace, hollow design or T -shaped pants.If you want to make your chest more prominent, you can choose a bra with a steel ring or a half cup design.

Color with TIPS

Color is also a very important point in choosing sexy underwear.Black or red is the most classic choice and the most popular color.If you want to match it easily, these two colors are your best choice.If you want to show your personality, you can also choose other bright or colorful sexy underwear.

Select the fabric

Sex underwear is usually made of lace, grid or silk. It is recommended to choose comfortable, breathable and soft fabrics.In addition, some sexy underwear also has heating or cooling function, which can cause a stronger experience experience.

Suitable for different occasions

Sex underwear can choose different styles and colors according to different occasions.For example, on a romantic night, red or black lace sexy underwear is very suitable.Instead, in a comfortable family atmosphere, soft colors and breathable materials will be more suitable.

The difference between pajamas and sexy underwear

Sexy underwear focuses more on sexy and decoration, and is designed as the effect of flirting and exciting.The pajamas mainly provide a comfortable sleep environment and rest.Therefore, don’t put interest underwear as pajamas.

Cleaning and maintenance

Clean and maintain according to the washing instructions of each sexy underwear to ensure its quality and durability.Most sexy underwear needs to be washed by hand, and it cannot be dried with bleach and dryer.In addition, try to avoid exposing sex underwear in the sun or soaking in water for a long time.


Choosing the right sexy underwear can better show your own sexy and personality and help you inspire the passion of sex.When you buy sexy underwear, you must consider the size, style, color, and materials to ensure that you find one that suits you best.Finally, we must follow the cleaning and maintenance guide to maintain the quality and persistence of sexy underwear.

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