Why can’t sex underwear wear

Why can’t sex underwear wear

Wearing sexy sexy underwear can add a lot of fun to sexual life, but sometimes there are some unpleasant situations, such as sexy lingerie cannot be worn.Why can’t you wear it?Below I will analyze this problem from multiple angles.

1. Improper size selection

Size is the key factor in unconnected in sex underwear.Because different brands and different styles of size are different, you need to carefully measure the size of the body, and then choose the appropriate size according to the brand/style information.If the size of the size is improper, the sexy underwear will be too tight or loose, which will affect the beauty and comfort.It is recommended to check the brand of the brand before shopping, and choose the size according to your actual situation.

2. Style is not suitable for body figure

In addition to the size, the style of sexy underwear also affects fitness.Different figures are suitable for different styles. For example, people with slender figures are suitable for choosing long skirt -style sexy underwear. People with thick arms are suitable for loose sleeves.If you choose a style that is not suitable for your body, it is difficult to wear suitable sexy underwear.

3. Material is not suitable for skin

The material of sexy underwear also has a great impact on the right degree.Some materials may cause irritation and allergies to the skin, which makes people feel uncomfortable. After wearing it, it may cause diseases and skin inappropriate conditions. Therefore, when buying sexy lingerie, you need to carefully understand the material ingredients and choose the one that suits your skin.

4. Lack of accessories or damage

Sometimes it is difficult to wear sexy underwear because of the lack of accessories or damage.For example, the buttons have been buckled, the zipper is stuck, the shoulder strap is damaged, and so on.If the underwear is damaged and cannot be repaired immediately, it may cause subsequent difficulties or unable to put on.

5. There is no correct way to wear

Sex underwear is often decorated with special designs, straps and hooks, so most of them need special wearable methods.Some people lack the experience of wearing underwear or do not see the instructions, and they will have difficulties when they are worn.The correct way is to first learn, wearing underwear steps, and adjust the looseness of underwear appropriately.

6. Body shape changes

For example, if weight gain or decrease, or due to changes in body shape due to pregnancy or menstruation, it may lead to failure to put on sexy underwear.If you find that you can’t put on them during a date or celebration, check whether they are fitted before.

7. Improper maintenance

Interest underwear is the least used in daily underwear and pajamas, and most of the time is in storage.If it is often placed in unsuitable places such as humidity, sunlight, or stacked together, it will seriously affect the use of sexy underwear.

8. Poor quality

Be sure to pay attention to quality when buying sexy underwear.Some low -quality erotic underwear materials may be deformed or degenerated, and stitching is broken.Dirty or broken clothes can make people uncomfortable.Therefore, if you find that the quality of the sexy underwear is not good, it is best to return it in time to avoid difficulty or fall off in the later period.

in conclusion

If you find that sexy lingerie cannot be worn, you can exclude and track the problem points from the above aspects.Pay attention to the appropriateness of the underwear, especially the size and material; and the correctness of the wearable method, the integrity and quality assurance of the accessories of the sexy lingerie; in the end, you need to pay attention to the maintenance of sexy underwear to avoid unexpected damage and effects.If the above problems are not the problem, you can also contact professionals to seek more comprehensive and professional advice to determine the problem.

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