Why can’t the online shop in sexy sheets

Why is online store unwilling to put on sexy underwear

As online shopping is becoming more and more popular, the sales of sex products are also increasing year by year.However, for a lot of sexual products sellers, they are unwilling to set up sexy underwear in online stores.This makes many customers who love sexy underwear very troublesome.Let ’s discuss why the online shop is unwilling to go to sex underwear.

Interesting underwear manufacturers with different quality

Like other clothes, sexy underwear needs to be invested in a lot of time and money to develop, design and produce.In addition, sexy underwear also needs to consider the safety and hygiene of materials.However, in fact, there are a lot of sexy underwear manufacturers in the market to quality. Some irresponsible manufacturers may use low -quality materials for production, resulting in problems such as unreliable and unqualified quality of sex underwear.In this case, online stores have to review the quality of sexy underwear on the shelves to protect consumers’ rights and interests.

The audience and cultural differences of sexy underwear

Interest underwear is a special clothing. Its design and style are usually bold and sexy, so not everyone can accept it.In addition, different countries and regions have different acceptance of sexy underwear and cultural background.This is one of the reasons why online stores are unwilling to go to sexy underwear.How to balance business interests and moral bottom lines is also the predicament that Internet merchants are generally facing nowadays.

Specifications and identification of sexy underwear

There are all kinds of sexy underwear, and many of them can identify only professionals and specifications.If the sexy underwear manufacturer changes the specifications at will, it is very unfavorable for consumers and merchants.Moreover, if the specifications of merchants are not in place for the specifications of sexy underwear, many embarrassment and trouble may occur.Therefore, online stores also need to be more cautious and prudent to deal with the identification and specifications of sexy underwear to ensure the interests of consumers.

Online store’s platform requirements and policy restrictions

Each online store has its own platform requirements and policy restrictions.For example, some e -commerce platforms may limit the number of sexual supplies, or there are many restrictions on the sales of sex products.This is also not conducive to online store sales of sexy underwear.In addition, e -commerce platforms also need to ensure their own reputation and image. If they are not in place in the review and management of sexy underwear, they will easily cause consumers’ dissatisfaction and resistance, and then affect the reputation of the entire platform.

Interesting underwear advertisement and promotion difficulty

As a kind of sex products, the advertising and promotion of sexy underwear are relatively difficult.Although the Internet is full of sexy underwear advertisements, some large online platforms are unwilling to put such advertisements on their own website.On the one hand, it is because the cultural background and nature of erotic underwear can easily cause controversy; on the other hand, it is also related to the platform’s own image and positioning.

After -sales and problem handling of sexy underwear

If consumers encounter problems or dissatisfaction after buying sexy underwear, the after -sales processing of merchants will be more troublesome.Because on the one hand, the specifications and characteristics of sexy underwear are relatively special, and there is no industry standard for reference. On the other hand, the use of sexy underwear is also special. If improper use, some problems may occur.Therefore, merchants need to have certain professional knowledge and experience to deal with these problems, which also increases the pressure and responsibility of the merchant.

The difficulty of logistics and confidentiality of sexy underwear

Compared with other products, sex underwear requires more confidentiality measures and professional logistics distribution.This is also one of the reasons why merchants need to be cautious when choosing logistics distribution channels.Merchants need to ensure the safety and confidentiality of product transportation to avoid consumers’ personal privacy leaks, and to avoid unnecessary disputes and troubles.

Lack of professional qualifications of sexy underwear

Sex underwear requires professional talents to carry out product research and development, design, sales and after -sales processing.However, the reality is that many small and medium -sized businesses are unwilling to or have no funds to invest in talent training and recruitment.This has also led to some restrictions on the development of the sex underwear industry.If there is a lack of professional talents, the merchants will not be professional and excellent, and will eventually affect consumers’ purchase experience and brand image.

Consumers’ trust in sexy underwear merchants is low

Finally, a very important reason is that consumers have low trust in sexy underwear merchants.There are two main reasons for this: on the one hand, sexy underwear involves cultural sensitive problems such as sex, and consumers’ trust in merchants will naturally decrease accordingly; on the other hand, there are some bad merchants in the market.Poor service attitude and other aspects will cause consumers to be unbelievable sexy underwear merchants.Therefore, merchants need to work hard in improving service quality and ability to deal with problems to enhance consumers’ trust in their own brand.


In general, the development of the sexy underwear industry also faces many challenges, and it requires business and consumers to work together.Merchants need to improve their professional ability and service quality in all aspects to make consumers trust them more; and consumers also need to face up to sexual cultural sensitivity issues, to understand and accept sexy underwear culture with an open and rational attitude.

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