Why do men have no interesting jacket

The current situation of men’s underwear market

Today, the male underwear market has gradually formed.Men’s underwear is rich in types, covering various needs.But in fact, in these underwear, the proportion of erotic underwear occupies a small proportion, and it can even be said to have almost no.Sex underwear is usually considered exclusive to women, but why do men have no sex underwear?

Male culture and social reality

Male culture advocates that men should be strong, brave, and decisive without showing their tenderness and warmth.Traditionally, sexy underwear is considered a field of women and runs counter to male culture. This may be one of the reasons why men are not interested in sexy underwear.In addition, most of the sexy underwear is the female consumer market. When buying sex products, men buy more products such as sex appliances.

Men’s market demand and product innovation

In the traditional sense, the male underwear market is mainly to meet basic protection and support functions, while sexy underwear requires more product innovation to meet the needs of the male market.However, so far, the men’s sex lingerie market is not acceptable, and product design and research and development are relatively lagging.This is also one of the reasons why men’s erotic underwear lacks market demand.

Men’s cognition and acceptance of sexy underwear

Traditionally, sexy underwear is regarded as a sexy, exposed, and teasing image, and this image is not what all men are willing to accept.Many men are unwilling to show their emotions and bodies, which is one of the reasons why they are not easy to accept sexy underwear.

Value and cultural differences

Value and cultural differences are also one of the reasons for the slow development of the male sex underwear market.In Western countries, sexy underwear has become a normal state in life, but in Asia, especially China, the acceptance of sexy underwear is still relatively low.Both men and women have different cultural backgrounds and values, making sexy underwear a more difficult one in the men’s market.

Gender Culture Politics and Social Restrictions

In addition to the cognition and psychological factors of many men itself, the slow development of the men’s sex underwear market has also been affected by social restrictions.The deterrent of gender culture, political and social factors to the male market is obvious, which is also a significant reason for the slow development of the sex underwear market in Asia and other regions.

Business income and profit

Merchants’ understanding and innovation level of the sexy underwear market, as well as market demand and acceptance is also one of the factors for the slow development of the male sex underwear market.This is because merchants will pay more attention to the sexy underwear market for women, and the men’s market is relatively small, and it is difficult for merchants to get higher business value and profits.

Gender discrimination and prejudice

In the end, the poor development of men’s sex underwear market may be due to the existence of gender discrimination and prejudice.Although this topic is sensitive, it is still a very realistic social issue.As a result, men may be subject to contempt, contempt, and discrimination, resulting in discouraged some men’s hearts.

My view of the male sex lingerie market

Although the development of men’s sex underwear market is slow, this does not mean that men should not pay attention to sexy lingerie.As an advocate of gender equality thoughts, sexy underwear should be used by both men and women.We should let traditional gender concepts, especially the restrictions and restrictions on men, and men can also try to wear special underwear to convey their tenderness and warmth.When we break the stereotyped gender concepts and cultural differences, the male sex lingerie market will also achieve better development.

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