Why does sex underwear open files


Sexy underwear is a sexy clothing, with different sizes and styles, but all erotic underwear has an amazing common feature: opening files.

What is the opening file

Opening the file means that the fun underwear opens a small hole or crack on the triangular area (crotch).Some sex underwear opens a simple small hole, while others may open the area in a more bold way.

Why does sex underwear need to be opened

The purpose of the opening is to facilitate the stimulus during sex, so that people can enjoy the pleasure of sex without taking off their underwear.If you do n’t open the file, you need to take off it before sex, which may destroy the atmosphere and pleasure of sex.

Types of opening

The form of the opening file is different, including high -opening, low -opening, and Y -type opening files.In fact, each opening is to meet different sexual preferences and occasions.

High -opening

The high -opening double gear means that there is a small hole in the front and back of the crotch.This kind of underwear is usually suitable for people who like to lie down, lying back or hands and feet.High -opening double -gear can make people touch sensitive areas more conveniently during sex and enjoy more stimuli.

Open a single gear

Open a single gear refers to only a small hole or crack in front of the crotch.This kind of opening is suitable for those who need to enter and exit quickly in the process of sex, so that they can enjoy the pleasure of sex.

Y -type open file

The Y -type opening file is a special form of opening gear, which combines the advantages of high two gear and low -opening.It opens a hole in front of the crotch and behind, and connects between the two holes to form a type Y.This is usually suitable for all sex occasions and postures.


Not all sexy underwear needs to be opened, and some people may prefer closed underwear.At the same time, when using the sexy underwear, you need to pay attention to hygiene issues. After each use, you need to replace cleaning to avoid bacterial breeding.

Suitable occasion

Open underwear is usually suitable for sex occasions.In addition, opening underwear is not applicable to everyone, and you need to choose the appropriate style and opening form according to personal sexual preferences and needs.

in conclusion

In short, opening gear is a very important feature in sexy underwear, which brings more excitement and fun to sex.However, whether to use the opening clothing should be judged according to the personal preference of the user.Finally, you need to pay attention to hygiene issues when using the sexy underwear to keep clean and hygiene.

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