Why is Citi Woman underwear so expensive


Recently, more and more people have begun to pay attention to the brand of Citi sex lingerie.Although the brand’s sexy lingerie quality is not doubtful, the price is very expensive, and many people can’t help but question: Why is Citiban’s sexy underwear so expensive?

brand effect

First of all, it is clear that Citi’s sexy underwear is a very well -known brand, and the brand effect often brings higher prices.Consumers are willing to pay more for brand fame and reputation, and Citi sex lingerie is to increase the value of their products by creating brand effects.

R & D cost

Secondly, Citi Fun underwear not only work hard on the design, but also spends a lot of cost in research and development.From the selection of materials to the production, each link has been repeatedly tested and tested to ensure that the requirements of the product’s comfort, protection and aesthetics are fully considered and met.


Citi erotic underwear is also very sophisticated in the production process. Each piece of underwear needs to be made finely handmade, and the process is relatively difficult, which has also led to an increase in the cost of the product.

Imported material cost

In addition, most of the materials used in Citibanic underwear are imported high -grade materials, and the cost of imported materials is relatively high, which further increases the cost of the product.

beautiful package

The exquisite packaging of Citi sex lingerie is also one of the important reasons for its expensive price.Each piece of underwear will use high -end and exquisite packaging materials, and with gorgeous patterns and exquisite greeting cards, it visually gives people a noble and elegant feeling.

Diversified style

The style of Citi sex lingerie is very diverse, from basic models to high -end models, from simple design to excellent handicrafts, and customize different products for different consumer groups.Citi erotic underwear not only provides women with various styles, colors, and specifications of underwear, but also provides men with various sexy and fashionable underwear. This is also an important reason why the brand can win the favor of different consumer groups.

High -end retail channel

The sales channels of Citi sex lingerie mainly include some high -end shopping malls, department stores and specialty stores. The rent and labor cost of these sales channels are very high. It is also an important source of expenditure for the brand to ensure product quality and service quality.

brand strategy

Finally, it should be noted that the price positioning of Citi erotic underwear is based on its brand strategy.Brand strategy refers to a series of decisions adopted by the brand to pursue long -term and stable market share, including brand image positioning, market positioning, and product positioning.Therefore, the price positioning of Citi sex underwear is also a choice of brand strategy in market competition.

in conclusion

In summary, the high price of Citi sexy underwear is determined by many factors, including brand effects, R & D costs, manufacturing technology, imported materials costs, exquisite packaging, diversified styles, high -end retail channels and brand strategies.We also believe that the product quality and service quality of Citi’s sex underwear will definitely meet the needs of consumers and bring a better shopping experience to consumers.

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