Why is the hotel’s noise underwear

What is the reason why the hotel is not in the hotel?

Today, where people pay attention to the quality of life, hotels have become one of the important signs.The comfort, decoration style, etc. of the hotel we choose, all reflect our pursuit of life quality.However, when staying in a hotel, we often find a question: Why is there such a high -end hotel without interesting underwear?Below, we explore this issue from several angles.

It’s not as good as that, cannot meet the needs

We first look at this problem from the perspective of demand.In today’s society, with the continuous progress of people’s ideas, interesting culture has become a common cultural phenomenon.As part of the sex culture, sexy underwear has been accepted and loved by more and more people.However, in the high -end occasion of the hotel, it is difficult to get the support and display of the interesting underwear.The main reason for this phenomenon is that hotels are afraid of unnecessary disputes after the guest’s objection and loses the reputation of business.Therefore, from the perspective of merchants, there is a certain risk to put interest underwear in the guest room.

It is difficult to bear legal risk

In addition to commercial risks, legal risks cannot be ignored.In many countries and regions, the law has made corresponding regulations on the product of sex underwear and sets up corresponding standards and certification mechanisms.If the hotel uses uncontrolled sexy underwear in the service, it may be regarded as violating regulations and facing corresponding legal punishment.This is undoubtedly a risk that it is difficult for hotel merchants to bear, so many hotels will choose to avoid this situation without providing services such as lingerie.

Customers need to be respected

Respect is one of the basic elements that merchants have won the trust of customers.Customers should be respected, instead of making them dissatisfied and disturbing.In this case, it is actually a respect that does not provide sexy underwear services, because for some customers, these contents are inappropriate.Hotels have become synonymous with business public relations and conference industries. In these fields, etiquette and industry specifications are very important.As a service provider, the hotel pays attention to the quality of service, and should also pay attention to the customer’s feelings.There is no such thing as a lingerie that may not match the expectations of some customers, but this phenomenon does not mean that the merchant’s perfunctory and disrespect.

Can’t balance interests and risks

In addition to the above three reasons, hotels also need to consider various problems such as costs and management risks when providing sexy lingerie.In contrast, maintaining a cautious attitude to avoid risks seems to be a more secure path.

Is it more suitable for sex underwear in the tourism industry?

Compared with hotel services, sexy underwear is more widely used in the tourism industry.Some special scenarios in the tourism industry, such as newcomers on vacation, lovers travel, etc., are more suitable for products such as sexy underwear.Through the sexy underwear sold in the market, we can see the share of this product in the tourism industry.For example, in the point -to -point service of resort hotels, sexy underwear and sex products can be strongly promoted and better applied.Therefore, if we put our perspective in the tourism industry, sexy underwear will play a wider range of application value.

Improve the quality of service and satisfy guests

Finally, as customers, we hope that hotels can better meet our needs.Although sexy underwear is not suitable for placing in the hotel room, it can provide a special sexual product service center, so that customers can more conveniently experience the culture of sex.This considers not only the risk of merchants, but also meets the needs of some customers.From the perspective of business or from the perspective of customer service, sex products should be better applied and guided.


In short, it is not a strange thing to have no interest in the hotel environment.We must realize that there is a very subtle balance between business risks, legal risks and customer needs.For the hotel industry, it is the most critical to provide guests with peace of mind, comfort, and relaxation.Finally, it is expected that the future hotel industry can better dig the market market and bring a better experience to consumers.

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