Why is there no hair in sexy underwear model


Sexy underwear is a hot topic in modern human life. Due to its naked characteristics, many people will notice why models have no hair when wearing sexy underwear.This problem actually stems from a historical reason.


In ancient times, the natural state of women’s body hair has been accepted and appreciated, because it represents the maturity and strength of women, such as in the medieval Europe, women’s armpit hair and public parts of the public are also regarded as a symbol of beauty.However, over time, sexual concepts are gradually changing, and hair removal is becoming more and more considered a good habit. Bathing and maintaining its own hygiene is more important. This has also become one of the reasons why there is no hairy in modern sexy underwear models.

Brand Style

The current sex underwear brand pays more attention to naked beauty and highlight sexy characteristics to meet the needs and aesthetics of modern people.Some brands pursue a natural feeling and do not deliberately ask models to remove hair.However, the vast majority of sexy underwear brands, as well as consumers, prefer a smoother appearance, which also makes models without hair become a habit.

Photo effect

In commercial shooting, the shooting unit adheres to the aesthetics of a photo. In addition, the planning and arrangement of various elements requires the grasp of the time and space of the dancers, the control of the limbs, and the accuracy of the movement.Model hair removal has become a specification.

Naked feeling

The purpose of wearing a sexy underwear is to show the body and present your most beautiful side.At this time, the model should provide a naked and smooth appearance to ensure that the authoritative lingerie authority is as many as possible.

Comfortable experience

In addition to business considerations, sexy underwear models also take into account their own comfortable experience.In the performance and shooting of sexy underwear, the model needs to put on multiple sets of different sexy underwear, which requires them to completely handle clean skin.Otherwise, in the process of getting rid of sex underwear, the vulnerabilities will be friction and twisted, and you will not be able to experience the comfortable experience brought by the sexy underwear.

Overall visual effect

The overall visual effect is naturally a consideration.The sexy underwear itself is designed for the sexy characteristics of women’s bodies. Too much hair will appear rough and will weaken the overall visual effect.

Aesthetic trend

The current aesthetics are largely shaped by the ubiquitous media, and they will only output the so -called "beauty" and make them popular.For example, the skin that is less hairy is the aesthetic trend of modern people, and has almost become the standard for women of all ages.

Gender prejudice

In some cases, the appearance of no hair may have a more feminine feeling in the hearts of modern people.For this reason, many men and women want to see models without hairy models showing erotic underwear, which also reflects gender prejudice and preference for appearance.

in conclusion

In general, there is no relationship between the functions and beauty of sexy underwear and sexy underwear. The reason is that from all aspects of historical and modern aesthetic standards.But personal, whether hair removal is actually a personal choice rather than a rule, because everyone has different aesthetic standards and comfortable feelings.

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