Women’s sexy underwear and underwear opening

Women’s sexy underwear and underwear opening

In the field of sexy underwear, opening underwear and underwear is a special type of product with unique design and use.Among them, women’s opening underwear and underwear are the most common and have become a major popularity in the sexual product market.So, what is the lady’s opening underwear and underwear?What types are there?Below, let’s discuss together.

1. The basic concept of opening underwear

Open underwear is a unique design of sexy underwear. It is usually welcomed with the characteristics of suitable size, high comfort, and strong sexy.Open panties are often worn by students, doctors, dancers, models, etc., and sex occasions and sex games are also one of its important uses.

2. Types of opening underwear

1. Later open panties

The latter panties are a panties that only open the gap in the hips.This kind of underwear is relatively conservative, mainly to facilitate the toilet, but it can also play a certain role on the occasion.

2. Pants for the front opening

The front opening underwear is a kind of underwear designed in the front, which can facilitate sexual intercourse.This underwear is more sexy and is often used as a sexy underwear.

3. Full opening underwear

The full -opening underwear is a panties designed with gaps in front and back, and the entire lower body is exposed.This kind of underwear is the highest, usually for sex games or toys for sex for men and women.

Third, the material of opening underwear

Common openings include cotton, polyester fiber, nylon, silk, polyester silk, lace, etc.All kinds of different materials can make the open panties have different feelings and effects.

Fourth, the difference between opening underwear and sexy underwear

Pure sexy underwear is just a sexy decoration, while opening underwear is more a practical and functional underwear.Of course, opening underwear also has a certain sexy and aesthetic degree.

5. The way to open the underwear

Due to the special design of the underwear, there are certain skills in wearing.You need to raise your lower body up so that you can separate the opening to the maximum extent to achieve better use effects.

6. The maintenance and cleaning of the open panties

The cleaning of the underwear is similar to that of ordinary underwear, but it is necessary to pay attention to different materials that require different washing methods.You can use hand washing or machine washing. It is recommended to use neutral detergent and dry at low temperature.

7. Suggestions for the use of panties

1. Appropriate frequency

Open underwear is a sexy underwear and does not need to be worn every day.Proper use can increase interest, but excessive use will reduce its special feelings.

2. Use object

The main use object of opening underwear is a couple or couple who is already sexual contact or familiar with sex games.For novice or single women, it is not recommended to use it directly.

8. Hygiene of opening underwear

The design of the underwear makes it more likely to dirty and easily breed bacteria.Therefore, in the process of use, special attention should be paid to health issues to ensure personal health.

Nine, open panties market development prospects

With the continuous improvement of people’s aesthetic concepts and emotional needs, opening underwear is loved by more and more people.Therefore, the development prospects of opening underwear are very broad, I believe that this market will become more and more popular.

10. Conclusion

In general, women’s opening underwear and underwear are a very distinctive sexy underwear with a variety of types, materials and functions.When using it, you must pay attention to personal hygiene issues and use it in appropriate circumstances to achieve the best results.

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