Women’s sexy underwear movies

Women’s sexy underwear movies

When talking about sexy underwear, it is all reminiscent of sexy curves and indescribable temptations.Sexy underwear seems to become more and more popular topics in the fashion industry and social media.Even on the big screen, sexy underwear has its place.Today, we will explore the sexy underwear wearing women in the movie.

1. "Breakfast of Tiffany" (1961)

Most people associate Audrey Hepburn with noble, wisdom, and her small black skirt in this movie.However, the sexy underwear wearing the Bollywood star when facing the confusion of the night is also worthy of attention.She is wearing a simple white pajamas with exquisite lace in front.

2. "Earl of Christia" (2002)

In a TV adaptation version in 2002, the heroine of Alexander Dadalio Mercedes was wearing a set of black lace sexy underwear.The whole shape did not make her lose her dignity and self -esteem at all, but instead exudes a self -confidence and elegance.

3. September (1987)

"September" is a movie that runs through the theme of lust and derailment throughout the film.In one of the scenes, the heroine who arrived at Jio Aquiadan wore a set of sexy red and sexy underwear, and the whole body emitted a passion and fierce atmosphere.

Fourth, "deep rain and rain" (1964)

In this classic Chinese movie, the role played by Maggie Cheung wore a set of black sexy underwear.Her shape is very smooth, perfectly showing her sexy, mysterious and teasing temperament.

5. "Mermaid" (2016)

This film tells the love story of a mermaid and a tycoon.In the movie, the role played by Lin Yun wore a pink shoulder strap sexy underwear, perfectly showing her beautiful figure and youthful vitality.

6. "Butterfly Pupil" (2007)

The actor of this movie wearing a golden corset to meet his lover in the movie theater can also be regarded as an example of sexy underwear.Even if it is just a gently kiss between lips, this shape can be preserved in my heart.

7. "Budapest Hotel" (2014)

In this movie, the hotel manager played by Ryf Vannes is having a romantic relationship with the guests played by Telin Pog Monzel.Monzel wore a sexy black sexy underwear and walked into the hotel’s room and opened a new door for the manager.

8. "Angel Love Beauty" (2001)

In this film, Once the heroine played by Audrey Tatu decides to wear sex underwear, it will definitely be very magnificent.She wore a very retro red lace sexy underwear, showing her softness and feminine charm.

Nine, "Killer Rabbit" (2007)

Angelina Jolie wore a black lace sexy underwear in this movie, forming a female leopard image to some extent.Julie’s style in the movie perfectly shows that she is both a sexy goddess and a deadly queen.

10. "Black Swan" (2010)

"Black Swan" has made people fall into the dream -like despair and madness at night, as well as entangled love.The film interprets a complete story, and some of them involve the heroine ballet actor. She wearing white lace sexy underwear has brought a new visual and spiritual experience to the audience.

in conclusion

Whether it is the entertainment media or Hollywood movies, women’s bodies must be a meaningful structure.The various scenes of sexy underwear in the movie are only one of them, but it plays a strong context rendering role in the movie.As the ultimate manifestation of women’s charm and moral imprisonment, sexy underwear is not only part of the physical body, but also the inner world of women’s independence.

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