Women’s sexy underwear slightly fat

Women’s sexy underwear slightly fat

When women wear appropriate sexy underwear, they can not only increase their confidence, but also increase sexual and sexuality.But for slightly fat women, how to choose a thin and sexy sexy underwear?Below, this article will introduce you some sexy underwear suitable for fat women.

1. Choose high -waist short pants panties

For women with slightly fat lower abdomen, it is very important to choose a high -waist underwear. It can help shape the waist lines with tightness and avoid waist spillover.In addition, for the jumping meat, high waist underwear also has the function of positioning and fixed, maintaining women’s body without bloating.Choosing shorts of shorts can cover the hips of slightly fat women. The compression of such underwear to the legs can also give people a thin visual experience.

2. Choose a loose bra

For fat women, wearing a suitable bra is critical.Choose a loose and moderate bra to make the chest be appropriately supported and wrapped, so that the chest will not sag or spill.By choosing comfortable materials and loose design, you can also show the sexy of women while maintaining comfort and create a chic woman beauty.

3. Choose abdominal corset

The biggest distress of slightly fat women is the protruding of the abdomen, and it is necessary to consider this when choosing underwear.The abdominal corset has an excellent slimming effect. Through the clever combination of materials and production technology, the abdominal lines of women are slimmer and the body is more curvy.

Fourth, choose the shoulder -wide corset

For fat women, the narrow -narrowing corset is easy to press the shoulder out of the shoulder, and if you choose a loose underwear, the proportion of the shoulder and the waist will be offset, making women become more obese more obeseEssenceTherefore, choosing the shoulder -wide corset is more wise, so that the proportion of the head and neck and the shoulders can be relatively coordinated, and the waistline appears more stylish.

Fifth, choose nude corset

For fat women, choosing nude corsets is relatively wise. Such -free and steel -free bare underwear can not only make women’s backs and chests more slender, but also emphasize women’s collarboneAnd neck lines.Through this sexy underwear, women can easily show women’s beauty.

6. Choose lace fish bone corset

For fat women, choosing a corset with lace and fish bone skeleton is also a very good choice.They can play a role of positioning and fixed, create a high -quality figure form, and highlight the charming style of women.In addition, choosing a beautiful lace design can highlight the noble and elegant temperament of women.

Seven, choose triangular underwear panties

Compared to triangular pants underwear, briefs -style underwear is more suitable for slightly fat women.The design of the triangle -style underwear can cover the flesh of the buttocks and reduce the risk of deformation of the hips.In addition, the breathability and comfort of this underwear are also very good, whether it is summer or winter, it can be applicable.

8. Choose the classic leather style style

Choosing a sexy leather coat is very conducive to breaking the lines of fat women and giving a mysterious sexy feeling.The classic leather style is favored by hand feelings with its dignified, elegant, and durable characteristics.When thin and not fat, wearing a suitable leather jacket will bring huge self -confidence to women.

Nine, choose multi -layered silk pants

Silk underwear is a multi -layer underwear. It can achieve comfort, self -cultivation, and soft and sexy effects through the perfect combination of multi -layer combinations.This multi -layer of silk pantyhose will look particularly beautiful in slightly fat women. It can support women’s hips and highlight the slenderness of women.

10. Summary view

For fat women, it is very important to choose a sexy underwear suitable for their bodies.Suitable for body, suitable occasions are the core principles of choosing underwear.Of course, the evaluation of each woman will vary from person to person. When women choose sexy underwear, they should not give up their curiosity and inquiry about beauty.

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