Women’s trunk to put fun underwear

What are the risks of women’s trunk?

Women find the charm of sexy underwear, whether it is for self -sensation or enhanced physical strength, it is no longer a secret.In order to make themselves have this ability when the situation is needed, they have the sexual emotional and fun underwear with them and put them in the trunk in the car.It is necessary to understand that there are a lot of risks in the box of sexy underwear.These potential risks will be introduced one by one.

Poor quality underwear to the body’s harm to the body

No matter how much it costs, poor quality of sexy underwear will cause damage to the body.Like wear -docked hook buckles, loose bands at the waist and leg mouth, they may cause great damage.Therefore, if you want to put your health first, then it is best not to choose the wrong sexy underwear, let alone put it in the box.

Interest underwear stolen

The most obvious risk is that sexy underwear may be stolen by others.Some uneasiness and worry will make you feel more uncomfortable and worry.Moreover, women may be noticed by those voyerers in the box in the box.

Unclean box may affect the quality of underwear

The box is not an absolutely clean space.Dust and stains may adhere to sexy underwear, and it will also increase the speed of clothing aging.If there is food or rotten items in the box, it will produce odor.If the sexy underwear stored in this environment for a long time, if you still need to touch the skin, you may wish to imagine how it tastes.

Temperature and humidity will affect the quality of underwear

Underwear is easily affected by temperature and humidity, and these elements exist in trunk.When the weather gradually becomes hot, the temperature in the car will rise, which may affect the elasticity and texture of the underwear.In addition, if your car trunk is in a humid environment for a long time, the underwear will wet the underwear, which will produce mold and odor.

Stolen vehicle

Although the possibility of being stolen is relatively small, this is likely to happen to your sexy underwear.If the sexy underwear is stolen with the vehicle, the embarrassment and shame must be even greater.

The embarrassment of sexy underwear is exposed

If sexy underwear has fallen on the road or suddenly occurs with engine problems, these situations may cause your little secret to be exposed to passers -by.Only you know the reasons for buying sexy underwear, but what kind of reactions will those innocent pedestrians make, which is not only embarrassing and difficult to face.

Suspiece of underwear in an instantaneous failure

If the sexy lingerie is placed in the car for a long time, and sometimes even avoid cleaning, then its service life will definitely be affected.Interest underwear is different from other underwear. Its quality requirements are high, which means that it requires regular sorting and cleaning to maintain appearance.If you don’t do this, women will suspect that the sexy underwear is gornerating, and no longer consumes sexy underwear.

Fun underwear can easily cause unnecessary attention

If sexy lingerie is stored in the car for a long time, then you may introduce something that should not be existed.If you are inspected in the police agency, then you must make various seizures and explanations, and may even affect your credit and reputation.

Where is the sexy underwear more safer?

If you want to minimize the risk of sexy underwear to the body and vehicles, then the best solution will be: collect them in the private space of the family (such as wardrobe).If you have to bring a sexy underwear on the car, choose a more private and ventilated place, or apply some moldproofing agents on the sexy underwear.


Although sometimes you feel that you can carry your sexy underwear to make yourself more confident and useful, don’t let them go, especially in the car.On the contrary, you should always put health and safety in the first place and strictly preserve underwear in the right place to prevent health and embarrassing problems.

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