Wore a sexy underwear that night

Choose the importance of sexy underwear

Wedding is the most important day for new people, and for the bride, it is important to wear special sexy underwear on the night.But how to choose the right sexy underwear is a question that many brides will be confused.

Learn about body and preference

When choosing a sexy underwear, you must first understand your body characteristics and preferences.The bride should choose a sexy underwear that is suitable for his body and conforms to personal taste, so that he feels confident and sexy.

Attention to detail

When choosing sexy underwear, the bride should pay attention to details.For example, whether the suture of the underwear is firm, whether the fabric meets its own comfort standard, etc. These are important factor affecting the quality of the underwear.

Choose the right color

Color is also very critical for choosing sex underwear.The bride should choose the color of the skin color and hairstyle, and also consider whether it is consistent with the wedding theme.

Suitable for the atmosphere of the night

When choosing a sexy underwear, you must not only consider your figure and personal preference, but also need to consider the atmosphere of the night.If the bride likes a romantic atmosphere, it is more suitable to choose styles with elements such as lace and gauze.

Physical comfort is the key

Although the visual effect of sexy underwear is important, the comfort of the body is the most important.Choosing the right underwear size and comfortable and soft fabrics are very critical, so as to ensure that the bride feels confident and comfortable at the night of the wedding.

Don’t be excessively exposed or vulgar

When choosing a sexy underwear, the bride does not need to be excessively exposed or vulgar, and should choose the appropriate style and degree, so that it can show their own personality and not make people disgusted.

The combination of fashion elements

The fashion elements of sexy underwear should also be considered when the brides should be selected.For example, popular lace, sequins and beads can add more fashion sense to underwear.

Make the other half amazing

When choosing a sexy underwear, the bride needs to consider the sexy effects of her body and the fashion effect of underwear, which makes the other half feel stunning.At the same time, it is also necessary to pay attention to the style of underwear and the groom’s clothes to make the entire wedding more harmonious.

Combined with the theme of the wedding

Finally, choose a sexy underwear to combine the theme of the wedding.If the theme of the wedding is a romantic garden wedding, the sexy underwear combined with elements such as flowers and green leaves will be more suitable.


When choosing a sexy underwear, the bride needs to understand her body characteristics and personal preferences, pay attention to details and comfort, and also consider the theme of the wedding and the preferences of the other half.Only by choosing the right sexy underwear can the wedding be more perfect that night.

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